Your Learning
The Global Innovation Management programme consists of courses in which teaching is performed with pride but LEARNING is the focus.

That means that the classes you attend during GIM might differ a little from your previous experience of school and lectures.

In GIM the focus is on your transformation and on learning. It requires that academic staff design courses in different ways and that students take responsibility for their learning and development.
Much of the learning is done within collaborative learning groups, which have been shown to produce superior learning outcomes. Furthermore, they are beneficial in a holistic personal development process which includes intra- and interpersonal skills in a very international setting.
Because committing to a programme like GIM involves more than just following a curriculum we also have an elaborate tutoring programme, which gives every student three sets of tutors and advisors: a student-tutor who will introduced you to social-, cultural and practical every-day life in Finland; an academic advisor, who is designated to support you in your studies, research and life planning; and an education coordinator who will develop a personal study plan with you on a one-on-one basis. These efforts are made in order to safeguard your overall learning experience.