Turku School of Economics (TSE) at University of Turku is one of the largest faculties in Finland for education in business science. The studies include a comprehensive choice of economic sciences, other business and finance-related subjects and foreign languages. Students are offered a solid scientific community - set in a modern and demanding study environment - in which to develop. The expertise of TSE in International Business combined with Finnish global competitiveness in technological innovation provides unique conditions that make this programme an unparalleled experience., enabeling students to think in new and constructive ways.

The programme can be completed in two years. If the student is required to take supplementary studies it is highly recommended that these studies are taken during the first year.

Intended Learning Outcome

A graduate of the Global Innovation Management master’s degree programme possesses advanced knowledge in innovation management related theories and practices. S/he is able to develop and apply frameworks which help him/her to understand entrepreneurial activities, key strategies for firm growth, and how innovations are created, launched and managed in an international setting.


Teaching Methods

At Turku School of Economics, we employ  a variety of teaching methods that are carefully combined to give students the opportunity to learn effectively. In addition to interactive lectures, we use case studies, problem-solving exercises and make use of e-learning models to complement traditional learning methods. This combination allows for the integration of theoretical insights into the real-life aspects of business.