Co-operation with local businesses

Business co-operation forms an essential part of several courses within the IB programme. To familiarise students with real business life, guest lecturers frequently visit the school. In addition, study visits to nearby companies help integrate practical know-how with theoretical academic tuition.

It is normal TSE practice that joint projects with companies form and provide the empirical material for theses or group work for TSE's IB courses. We actively encourage initiatives from business life, resulting in various forms of cooperation between TSE and companies. Ideas for research projects or inquiries about cooperation are therefore warmly received.

For more information, please contact:  
Study Coordinator Mira Larkia: mira.larkia(a)

Co-operation with other organisations

The IB faculty is involved with various collaborative projects as well as holds ties to a myriad of organisations. Faculty members frequently collaborate with other disciplines within TSE as well as with other units in the University of Turku. Collaboration is frequent and lucrative for example with the disciplines of marketing as well as management and organisation. IB faculty is also collaborating for example with the department of medicine at the University of Turku. Similar collaboration is frequent also between individuals from TSE and researchers in other Finnish universities. Contacts to, for example, Aalto University, the University of Vaasa, and Lappeenranta University of Technology are upheld and valued. Such collaboration comprises of joint research projects and co-authorship as well as teaching, interpersonal contacts and discussion links. Similar collaboration occurs also with international universities. Our faculty has strong ties for example to the University of Tartu in Estonia, Uppsala University in Sweden, and the Wilfried Laurier University in Canada.

The IB discipline also upholds ties with ministries and other public organisations. For example TEKES is an important source of funding for the IB discipline research projects. In addition, in recent years the IB faculty has received funding for doctoral studies, research projects, etc. for example from Liikesivistysrahasto and Suomen Akatemia. The IB discipline also wishes to engage other interested stakeholders. These include alumni but also, for example, consultants or managers without previous collaborative ties to IB. New contacts are made in a myriad of ways, for example through networking and public research seminars. The IB discipline warmly welcomes all inquiries into our work.