EmoMA - Emotions in mergers and acquisitions
The TEKES-funded EmoMA-project was carried out at Turku School of Economics 1.1.2015-31.3.2017.
Most major companies have developed to their current standing through a series of mergers, acquisitions and/or divestments. Many of them have also chosen mergers and acquisitions (M&As) as their future growth strategy, as the mature markets in which they operate do not allow profitable organic growth. In terms of leadership this is a significant challenge because it means that the organization is under constant change – there is always a group of individuals who are under integration to or prepared for de-integration from the organization. Global business environment in which day-to-day operations are planned, coordinated, implemented and monitored in virtual, team-based organization provides a continuously changing context for these challenges.
Unfortunately existing knowledge – either in companies or among academic scholars – provides little guidance how to act in this kind of situation, mostly because interest has so far focused in securing the business continuity in changing environment and successful integration of business operations. Surprisingly little attention has been given to individuals and their emotions, and yet it is the very same individuals who are responsible for the performance of the company. We argue that companies need concrete assistance in developing their leadership processes and HRM practices towards emotion management.
The aim of the EmoMA project was to bring novel insights in how to take into account and manage emotions in organizations especially during change following divesture or M&A. The findings from each of the four working packages are briefly stated on the corresponding pages.