IB research at the Department of Marketing and International Business is pursued both at the unit of International Business and the Pan-European Institute. At the latter, European perspectives form the main focus of interest, and the institute's research concentrates on business development in the Baltic Sea Region and Eastern Europe. At the former, the research is multifaceted. The core research on International Business includes:
International development and the launch of innovations, technology transfer to underdeveloped countries, and knowledge transfer in interfirm relationships, are the main focus of interest. These areas are further integrated into a specific Master's degree programme under the theme Global Innovation Management (GIM).
International Growth and Entrepreneurship
Technological advances such as digitalization, automation, robotics, artificial intelligence, IoT are creating new challenges, opportunities and convergence forces for many industries. One research focus of International Business is to develop insights and foresight on how such changes are affecting the maritime industries, from shipbuilding to shipping. Our focus is on processes of strategizing within converging ecosystems of firms and organizations which try to develop viable business concepts for their future. We aim, through collaborative research projects, to contribute to both, developing theoretical contributions in different key theoretical trajectories and supporting industry partners in their pursue to develop disruptive new business models or to survive them in the long-run.
International entrepreneurship has been traditionally a strong research focus in IB, and several doctoral candidates and post doc researchers work in this field. Additionally, diverse perspectives to international growth have been nurtured at the department and also other rising themes have been identified. For example, a number of faculty members are currently studying business model renewal, value creation and virtual teams in internationally growing firms.
International Mergers and Acquisitions
Several departments at TSE engage in research on mergers and acquisitions. The IB focus rests on the integration process that takes place after a company has been bought. IB researchers are currently working on two M&A related projects: Value Creation in International Growth (funded by Academy of Finland) and Emotions in M&As (funded by Tekes).
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
In line with TSE strategy, corporate social responsibility is one of the research focus areas of International Business Discipline. The theme is studied at Master's, postgraduate and post-doc levels and has been the focus of several theses. Additionally, it has been embedded in a number of research projects, although it may not be the core or focus of them.
Developments in European Economy and Business
The Pan-European Institute (PEI) observes the developments within the European economy and business across the whole continent. Its main focus is on reviewing changes both in the Baltic Sea region and in neighbouring countries of the European Union, especially Russia, Belarus, and Ukraine.