PhD Studies in International Business

TSE offers master, licentiate and doctoral degrees in IB. A doctoral student in International Business receives the abilities to work as a researcher pursuing an academic career or to work as an expert in challenging positions in international business. The internationalisation of a company is a central theme in the doctoral studies in international business.With a PhD in International Business, you qualify for expert and research positions in a global business setting.

These subject areas are the foci of our IB research:  
  • Innovations in international business markets
  • International growth and international entrepreneurship
  • Cross-border mergers and acquisitions
  • Corporate social responsibility in international business
  • Developments in European economy and business

About 20 PhD-students currently pursue doctoral studies in international business. 

TSE, as a whole, annually admits approximately 25 new PhD students, some of whom start their doctoral career within IB. Graduates with applicable national or international higher university or polytechnic degrees are eligible to apply.