University development

University pedagogics and university development

The world is changing at a rapid pace, forcing also the universities to renew themselves. We, at the University of Turku can assist you in the process of updating your services and pedagogics.

University pedagogics

Today's university instruction is versatile by nature. It has to take into account different types of learning situations - whether the teaching takes place in the form of a lecture, workshop or possibly online.In addition, the modern university pedagogics needs to be student-oriented, paying attention to the diversity of the students, and boosting their motivation.

At best, the university teacher’s work is a fulfilling dialogue between research and teaching, developing both the students’ and teacher’s thinking. With efficient and up-to-date pedagogics it is also possible to improve students’ learning results.

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Entrepreneurial University

Entrepreneurship is essential for the livelihood of a society. New companies boost employment, income, competences and skills – all which are essential for the society.

In the present knowledge economy, universities have central role in pursuing entrepreneurial attitude and skills. 

The commercialization of research findings can lead to technology transfer or even to new start-up companies. However, adopting entrepreneurial attitude is beneficial also for those, who will not start a business of their own. Today’s working life expects everyone to behave as intrapreneurs, meaning that the employees need to be self-motivated, proactive and to be able to take the initiative.

The University of Turku has extensive experience from various entrepreneurial activities. We are able to provide training and consulting for institutions willing to enhance their entrepreneurial education or aiming to set up a business incubator.

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