Information about Brahea Centre

Areal Research and Development at the Brahea Centre is an expert, service, and collaboration unit bridging the academic research and the society.

Areal Research and Development provides continuing education and training for higher education graduates and professionals in the working life. We also help students and staff members of the University in bringing their research innovations to the global marketplace by improving their entrepreneurial awareness. The Congress Office at the University of Turku offers tailor-made services for congress organizers, speakers and participants.

Areal Research and Development is a trusted partner in national and international projects. Our areas of expertise cover e.g. recognition of prior learning, competency-based curricula development, student employability as well as societal interaction between universities and the surrounding society. We also have extensive knowledge on research and development in food industry, high-impact SME’s and business ecosystems.

We offer:

  • continuing education and training for university graduates and professionals in the working life
  • tailored education for corporations, organizations and the public sector
  • education on innovation and entrepreneurial skills for students and staff
  • research and development in national and international projects

We cater for:

  • adult learners.
  • researchers, teachers, guidance and counselling professionals and students.
  • higher education institutions and government institutions
  • public sector entities and organizations
  • businesses

Our services are exploited annually by:

  • 2 600 adult learners in continuing education and training programmes
  • 300 entrepreneurs or business representatives

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