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The personnel’s well-being and coping at work are important goals in our Strategy and Human Resources Policy. We strive to create opportunities for career development and ensure that our employees have good ability to work and function throughout their career.

One of our most important values is the equal and just treatment of all the members of the community. Extensive occupational safety and health, pre-emptive occupational health care and university sports services for the personnel support the well-being of our employees.

We also highlight inclusion and communality in our operations. Therefore, everyone has an equal opportunity to participate in the university’s proceedings. In decision making and in the development of the operations, we strive to take into consideration as well as possible the different needs and circumstances of the university community.

Our recruitment process is open and fair. We provide our employees with the neccessary orientation and create opportunities for career development, internationalisation and for achieving success in work.

International Staff Services at UTU offers services in all type of international work situations. The services are available for those working at UTU on salary or grant, and for Doctoral candidates. Moreover, accompanying families are covered by this service. The services include advice and assistance in all relocation related matters.

To ensure an easy start and a smooth settle-in we encourage you to contact International Staff Services soonest your position at UTU has been confirmed.


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