Services and development projects of the Functional Foods Forum

We provide specialized services and development projects for food industry. The goal is to speed up the creation and innovations and their access to market.

Multisensory experiences and consumer understanding

For 20 years now, we have worked in close collaboration with businesses’ product development and marketing. Our studies help to profile the sensory differences of products and to understand how multisensory experiences emerge and how consumers make choices in different environments.

Our latest endeavor is the Flavoria® Research Platform, which is simultaneously a lunch restaurant and café. The platform enables us to monitor consumers’ true choices and to conduct product and clinical testing.

Panels and versatile research environments

Our trained sensory panel helps to determine products’ sensory differences and their intensities. The panelists are trained to evaluate products using different sensory methods. We have unique research facilities for different types of studies: an ISO standardized sensory lab, the multisensory research space Aistikattila® and the Flavoria® Research Platform with an intelligent lunch restaurant and café.

For more information, please see Flavoria’s website. In collaboration with Aistila Oy, we offer flexible and quick service studies for businesses.

Expertise in EU legislation

Our expertise in the EU legislation facilitates product innovations’ access to market. We specialize in the EU food law and the special requirements concerning functional and novel food products and their documentation.

Development projects

Our goal is to utilize our multidisciplinary research knowledge to help and develop businesses both in local and international research and development projects. The fields of projects include, for example, individual nutrition, multisensory experiences and probiotics, prebiotics & postbiotics.