Oral Development and Orthodontics

Malocclusions occur commonly among children and adults. The goal of orthodontics is to provide healthy, esthetic and well-functioning occlusions through prevention and treatment.

The Department of Oral Development and Orthodontics gives education to undergraduate, doctoral and specialist students. The main topics of the education include the normal growth and development of the face and jaws, development of dentition and occlusion as well as etiology, development, prevention and treatment of malocclusions. 

Contact information

University of Turku, Institute of Dentistry, Lemminkäisenkatu 2, FI-20520 Turku, Finland

Service Secretary Maarit Tuhkanen


Professor and Chair, DDS, PhD  Juha Varrela
Docent (Adjunct Professor), University Lecturer, DDS, PhD  Anna-Liisa Svedström-Oristo
University Teacher, DDS  Susanna Kanerva 
University Teacher, DDS, PhD  Kari Rantavuori


Research is carried out on the development of malocclusions and occlusal characteristics in preterm babies and in patients with obstructive sleep apnea.

Efficiency and costs of orthodontic treatment is investigated in different treatment modalities including early orthodontic treatment and orthognathic treatment.

The effects of malocclusions and orthodontic treatment on the oral health related quality of life in Finnish children and adolescents are studied in collaboration with the Department of Community Dentistry.

Properties and behavior of materials used in orthodontics, particularly those of addhesives used in bonding of orthodontics brackets, are investigated in collaboration with the Department of Biomaterials Science.