Research at the Department of Future Technologies

The strength of our research in Information and Communication Technology and Computer Science is the interdisciplinary co-operation of our multidisciplinary university. The new information is often linked to the questions and applications of Natural Science, Technology, Business and Humanist Sciences. The societal effect of our research focuses on Health and Welfare, Autonomous and Intelligent Systems, Digitalisation and Safe Cyber Society.

Computer Science

Our Computer Science research is based on a strong algorithmic research tradition and emphasised to the data science. Our methodological strengths are Algoritmics, Machine Learning and Language and Speech Technology. The research topics in Interaction Design are related to Learning and Learning Analytics, Mixed Reality, Games and Gamification.

Computer Science research themes
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Bio and Health Informatics
  • Data Analysis and Machine Learning
  • Discrete Optimisation
  • Interaction Design and Gamification
  • Learning Analytics and Education Technology

Information and Communication Technology

Our Information and Communication Technology research focuses on modern Software and Communication Systems, Cyber Safety, and Embedded Electronic Systems, especially the Internet of Things (IoT).

Information and Communication Technology research themes
  • Cyber Society,  Safety and Privacy
  • Communication- and Security Engineering
  • Internet of Things
  • Autonomous Systems
  • Software Engineering and Software Business
  • Software Technology and Software Security

Health Technology

Health Technology research focuses on Bio, Health and Medical Analytics.


Phonetic research themes are Language Acquisition and Learning, and Speech Perception and Production.

Research areas and projects

Software Engineering

The field of software engineering at the University of Turku, Department of Future Technologies encompasses research broadly in software and games development.

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Information Security and Cryptography

Information security research and education in University of Turku is organized by a consortium of scientists from the Department of Mathematics, the Department of Information Technology and the Information Systems Science Institute. The interdisciplinary information security research in the consortium is based on its strongest competences: cryptography and data security, networked systems security and business continuity management.

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Embedded electronics

Embedded Electronics Laboratory focuses in its research on Internet of Things (IoT), new Parallel Architectures and Autonomous Embedded Electronics not to forget Engineering Education Research. In addition, the Embedded Electronics laboratory educates experts for design and engineering of contemporary and future systems in the context of IoT and Cyber Physical Systems (CPS).

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Computer Science/ ACI

The research of the ACI (Algorithmics and Computational Intelligence) laboratory is centered around techniques and methods for algorithm design and computational intelligence, with the emphasis on both theory and applications.

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Communications Systems

We study the future internet with focus on three viewpoints: information security, interactive applications and embedded/distributed implementations. Communication systems are viewed as whole entities and the three viewpoints are all addressed in our research as we take on the challenges met in future networked multimedia and communication applications found in embedded systems.

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In Bioinformatics research, the methods of Mathematics, Computer Science, Natural Language Processing and Statistics are developed and adapted as solutions for biological problems.

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Mixed Reality

The Mixed Reality Group, led by Senior Researcher Teijo Lehtonen, researches various aspects of augmented and virtual reality. Mobile applications and gamified services are developed in close co-operation with companies and organisations. The group consists of highly talented people with both academic and industry backgrounds.

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The microelectronics group at the Department of Future Technologies focuses on sensor-processor circuits and systems, especially on bio-inspired computing and ultra-low-power techniques. Moreover, the work concentrates on applications of the sensor-processor systems.

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Learning Analytics

The objective of Learning Analytics is to utilise information collected about the students in developing education and learning. The methods of Machine Learning and Information Visualisation are utilised in the information analysis. The Learning Analytics can be automatically used to identify the students' misunderstandings and obstacles in their progress. The Centre of the Learning Analytics is involved in many developement projects and produces constantly research information about its works.

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TurkuNLP Group

The Turku NLP Group, led by Professor Filip Ginter is a group of researchers at the University of Turku as well as the UTU graduate school (UTUGS). The main focus of our research are various aspects of natural language processing / language technology, ranging from corpus annotation to machine learning theory and applications. The main application areas we’ve been focusing on is the domain of biological, biomedical, and clinical text, as well as methods and resources for syntactic and semantic analysis of Finnish.

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Digital Health

The Internet of Things (IoT) based applications and devices can be used to improve the quality of life, health and well-being of mankind. Our IoT4Health research group coordinated at University of Turku focuses on developing new approaches and complete systems to create more efficient and reliable healthcare approaches to advance current state-of-the-art healthcare.

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Mobile Climate Service Project

Our research group is designing a Mobile Climate Services App for small-scale farmers in developing countries. We see that the changing climate creates a strong and urgent need for the tool that allows farmers to access information of changing weather and climate patterns, which leaves the current farming timing, based on indigenous knowledge, in trouble.

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