Instructions about Doctoral Studies in the Faculty of Science and Engineering

Postgraduate studies

Every doctoral candidate drafts a personal postgraduate study plan together with his/her supervisor. The Research Director then accepts the plan. The plan is prepared according to the instructions available in the UGIS system.

The structure of the doctoral studies is determined in the study guide

In the faculty of Science and Engineering, the structure of a doctoral degree is as follows:

  • Dissertation and the public defence 200 ECTS
  • Postgraduate studies 40 ECTS
    • Studies in research topics 15-30 ECTS
    • Studies supporting research area 0-10 ECTS
    • Studies supporting mobility and professional career 2-10 ECTS
    • General studies aiming for expertise 4-10 ECTS

Doctoral candidates who have begun their studies before the autumn 2018 may complete their degree according to the prior curriculum and a personal study plan (60 ECTS).

Course registrations can be found on Nettiopsu.

Study units specific to doctoral studies (presentations/posters at a conference, research visits and the like) are accepted by the supervisor. The doctoral candidate sends a request for registering a study unit by filling in an electronic form. The form first goes to the coordinator of the doctoral programme for checking and then to the supervisor for acceptance.

Updating supervision plan

Form for updating supervison plan

The form will be returned completed and signed (signatures from a doctoral candidate, supervisor(s) and a research director) to the doctoral program coordinator.

The doctoral program considers the update and, in the case of the change of research director, the approval of the department is also required. The faculty makes final approval. The faculty informs the doctoral candidate, supervisor(s) and the research director of the decision.


Signing a cotutelle agreement is a good idea when there is a need for doctoral dissertation supervision from another university located outside Finland.

Please contact Chief Academic Officer Sanna Ranto when you plan to make a cotutelle agreement.

See the Cotutelle instructions of the University of Turku.

Passive register

Faculty-specific instructions

For more information, contact Chief Academic Officer Sanna Ranto.  

Before delivering an application, the doctoral student must be in contact with his/her supervisor and the Research Director. The application needs to contain:

  • A filled in and signed form to maintain an active study right.
  • A filled in and signed supervision plan
    • A signature from all supervisors and the Research Director is required.
    • Contains an updated personal study plan (HOPS).
  • An updated research plan, which states what has already been done in the thesis work and how the work will continue from here on. In addition, a schedule of the planned completion is required.

The application is delivered to the address below:

The Faculty of Science and Engineering
Sanna Ranto
Maaherran makasiini (2nd floor)
Henrikinkatu 10
20014 University of Turku


The applications for activating a study right which has been moved to the passive register are considered by Chief Academic Officer and Vice Dean. The faculty makes the decision about re-activating the study right after the doctoral programme and the department in question have been heard.

In the decision process, crucial elements are the viability of the proposed new plan as well as the supervisory resources of the department.


Decision against re-activation

Should the faculty, based on the reasons described above, decide agains re-activating a study right, the doctoral student may re-apply in one year at the earliest.

Publication agreements

When doctoral candidates make publication agreements with publishers, they have to ensure that they are allowed to republish the articles as part of their doctoral thesis. If publishers set a time limit (embargo) for the right to republish an article, doctoral candidates have to ensure that there is no conflict with the planned schedule of the public defence of the doctoral thesis.