Language requirements of the Faculty of Science and Engineering

As an applicant to Bachelor and Master level degree programmes at the Faculty you must prove your knowledge in the language in which you would be studying.

Language requirements for degree studies in English

You can prove your proficiency in English either with internationally recognized language tests or with your previous degree.

English language tests

Please notice, that as an applicant it is your responsibility to make sure that the test results are submitted and arrive at the University of Turku by the application deadline. You should remember to register for the test several weeks before the testing date, since there is great demand for testing sessions during certain times of the year.

Test scores arriving after the application deadline are not accepted. ​The test result must be verifiable directly from the test organizer. The Faculty has not set any validity time for the results but many test orginizers only submit the results during two years after the test.​

  Bacherlor's level

Master's level

TOEFL code 9701 IBT overall score min 80 and individual score min 16 IBT overall score min 92 and individual score min 20. PBT overall score 575
IELTS Adacemic ​​overall band score min 6.0 and individual score min 5.5 overall band score min 6.5 and individual score min 6.0
CPE ​pass grade A, B or C ​pass grade A, B or C
CAE   ​pass grade A, B or C
PTE Adacemic​ overall score min 54 and
individual score min 46

​overall score min 62 and
​ individual score min 54

Previous degree ​as proof of English skills

Applicants for Bachelor's degreed studies
  • Secondary education in English in Australia, Canada, Great Britain, Ireland, New Zealand, or the U.S.A.
  • Finnish matriculation examination in English language, minimum grade of magna cum laude approbatur (or a corresponding minimum English language grade of 5 from the International Baccalaureate degree, grade 7.00 from the European Baccalaureate degree or grade 8 from the Reifeprüfung degree).
​Applicants for Master's degree studies
  • Bachelor's degree (or higher) or an equivalent degree in an English-language programme in Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, the United States or in an EU/EEA country. The language of instruction of the degree must be proven with the degree certificate, transcript of records or Diploma Supplement.
  • A Bachelor's (or higher) degree from a university or university of applied sciences in Finland, if the applicant has demonstrated language skills in the English language according to the requirements concerning foreign language studies in Bachelor's and applied university degrees in Finland.

The contents of formally eligible applicants’ previous degrees do not always correspond to the academic level of the Programme. Therefore admitted students can be advised or required to complete additional, mainly Bachelor’s level studies. Since the language of instruction in Bachelor's level at the University of Turku is Finnish, an applicant needing additional studies can be requested to submit proof for Finnish skills (see below) during the application process. In case such proof is not submitted, the applicant needing additional studies must be rejected.​

Proving skills in Finnish language

Finnish language tests

  • Yleinen kielitutkinto (National Certificate of Language Proficiency​)​ -    An average of at least 4,0 (for tests taken after Dec 2011) OR level 4 (on the scale 1-6 for tests taken from Jan 2002 to Nov 2011) OR level 5 (on the scale 1-9 for tests taken before the year 2002). NB! All parts of the test must have been taken.​    
  • Valtionhallinnon kielitutkinto (Civil Service Language Proficiency Certificate) - Hyvä (good skills)    

The application must include a certified copy of the original language certificate.​

Previous studies as proof of Finnish skills

If you have completed one of the degrees or studies below you can prove your language skills by attaching a certified copy of the certificate into your application.

  • Comprehensive school in Finnish.
  • Secondary education in Finnish.
  • Finnish as mother tongue with a passing grade as a part of the Matriculation Examination.
  • Finnish as the second language with the grade magna cum laude approbatur as a part of the Matriculation Examination.
  • Finnish as the A language (i.e. mother tongue) as a part of IB (International Baccalaureate), as the L1 language (i.e. mother tongue) as a part of EB (European Baccalaureate), or Finnish as a part of Reifeprüfung.
  • Finnish with the minimum grade of good in a language test included in university degree studies, or university level language studies that indicate a good oral and written knowledge of Finnish (as the second domestic language).
  • At a university, the minimum of 60 credits/ECTS (= 35 former credit units) or the grade cum laude approbatur in Finnish
  • Polytechnic (ammattikoulu) degree in Finnish.
  • A Bachelor's degree in Finnish.
  • A Master's degree in Finnish.
  • A maturity examination at a university in Finnish.​