History and Politics of European Integration

History and Politics of European Integration (HPEI) is a multidisciplinary non-degree teaching programme. If this programme looks at European Integration mostly from the point of view of political and contemporary history, it also leaves room for other approaches, such as economic history and political science. 

Students have the possibility to investigate European integration as a historical process, as well as other aspects of European politics, e.g. the EU as an institution and the EU and the media. 

History and Politics of European Integration has been a part of the University of Turku's syllabus since 2007.

Teaching programme

The programme is a part of the Department of Political Science and Contemporary History's teaching syllabus. It is open to Finnish students as well as to degree and exchange students from all departments of the University of Turku and from the Åbo Akademi University. 

The whole programme covers the two semesters of the academic year (September to May), and accepts both undergraduate and graduate students.
The program can be used as a minor, but students also have the option to take individual courses, and there is no specific order in which the courses must be completed, unless clearly stated otherwise.

The programme's courses are aimed at students with basic/intermediate knowledge of the European integration process, but some courses will also accommodate more advanced students. These courses are mostly essays, and are marked as "Advanced Courses".  

Students are also invited to pick and chose from a range of Additional Courses organized either by HPEI or by other departments in Turku.

The language of teaching, instruction, and assignments is English.

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Exams, Academic Year, Grading System, Application Deadlines

A book-exam is a self-study exam that helps students to deepen their knowledge in a particular field or issue. 

Registration for the electronic book exams takes place through NettiOpsu (https://nettiopsu.utu.fi). When registering for a book exam through NettiOpsu, please note the specific code of the course in question, which is in a "POLHXXXX" format (e.g. POLH1035). The code will help you to find the correct course from the list.

You do not need to register for normal lecture exams, which dates are fixed by each course's responsible teacher and informed during the course in question.

Books for book exams are available to students through the course libraries of the University, from the libraries of other Turku-based libraries (such as the Åbo Akademi or town library), or as e-books through the University of Turku library website.

The four main forms of assessment used in the courses of the programme are book exams, essays, learning diaries (short 2 ECTS essays/learning diaries are ca. 7+ pages and long 4 ECTS essays/learning diaries are ca. 10-12 pages, please see course descriptions for details), and written course examinations. 

For complementary information on book exams and other forms of examinations, see here or get in touch with the coordinator of the programme if you have additional questions.

The Finnish academic year is divided into two teaching semesters, Autumn (1 September - 31 December) and Spring (1 January - 31 May).

Each course is graded using the standards of Finnish universities. To learn more, see here. Please note: Finnish credits (opintopisteet, op) are equal to international ECTS credits.

More information for visiting or exchange students, especially the deadlines and procedures, can be found at the following webpages:
Application as an exchange student
Application as a visiting student

Some general information and guides about studying in Turku and the Finnish Education System:
Some basic facts about Finland in various languages


Pre-registration ( via the NettiOpsu system) is required for selected courses. Details are given in the course descriptions included in the syllabus. For those courses that do not involve pre-registration, those wishing to attend only need to be present at the first session to take the course.

For all courses, the final registration is done at the first session, so please make sure to attend it or you may lose your place! If you are not able to attend the first session, you are always required to contact the responsible teacher of the course to keep your place. 

The programme is also open to students registered in the Åbo Akademi University through the Flexible Study Rights/JOO -system (for degree students). Please see the link for more information.​​