Guestrooms for visitors, Guesthouse Villa Hortus and the apartments in Kiinanpiha

The guestrooms can only be reserved by the University of Turku staff member for visiting lecturers, researchers, opponents and other guests.

The visitor / host at the university is responsible for complying with THL's entry restrictions to Finland. It is not possible to stay in Villa Hortus during quarantine.

Villa Hortus

Guesthouse Villa Hortus

The guesthouse Villa Hortus is situated in the heart of the University campus, at Horttokuja 3 Turku.

There are 24 rooms. All rooms are furnished and fully equipped with kitchen facilities, internet access and television. A weekly cleaning and linen service is included in the price in Villa Hortus. There are wireless networks available in Villa Hortus: Eduroam, UTU Visitor and UTU Staff. A sauna and laundry are available for the guests at the guesthouse Villa Hortus. There are no breakfast or catering.

There are single and twin rooms in a shared flat, single rooms/studios with doublebed and two room and a kitchen flats. All studios are in the 3rd floor. There's no lift in the building.
Please mention if you have a limitation when you book the room.
VAT 0%

One night


Nights 1–6 à

Nights 7–30  à

30 nights

Single room 45 € 38 € 21 € 732 €
Twin room 56 € 50 € 28 € 972 €
Studio for one 51 € 45 € 24 € 846 €
Studio with double bed 61 € 53 € 29 € 1014 €
One bedroom + living room + kitchen flat 70 € 62 € 32 € 1140 €
extra bed / extra person 18 € 10 € 7 € 228 €

The above-mentioned pricing is followed from the beginning of each period of 30 days. The price of a single room includes one person, the price of a twin/double room includes 1-2 persons. If more persons in the room, please see the price for extra person. E.g. 10 nights in a single room with shared bathrooms costs 312 Euros (6x38,- + 4x21,-).


Villa Hortus



A single room in a 4 room flat with 2 shared bathrooms and kitchen. Rooms A 10, A 12, A 13, A 20, A 22, A 23, B 24, B 25, B 27, 17-20 m2

located in the 1st or 2nd floor




Twin room in 4 room flat with 2 shared bathrooms and kitchen. Rooms A 11, A 21 and B 26, 27-30 m2



Common kitchen where each room has private fridge.


Single room studios A 30, A 32, A 33, A 34, B 35, B 36, B 37, B 39, 18,7-22 m2

located in the 3rd floor (no lift)

35Room B 35

36Room B 36


30Room A 30

3037Room B 37


Studio with doublebed (140 cm wide) Rooms A 31 and B 38, 35 m2

located in the 3rd floor (no lift)



One bedroom + living room + kitchen + bathroom flat B 14, 68 m2 (3 beds, 80-90 cm wide)

located in the 1st floor



One bedroom + living room + kitchen + bathroom flat B 15, 49 m2 ( 3 beds, 80 cm wide)

located in the 1st floor


Laundry room, sauna and office are located in the ground floor



Apartments in Kiinanpiha
The newly completed Kiinanpiha building in the corner of Kiinamyllynkatu and Vähä-Hämeenkatu has five furnished one-bedroom apartments for visitors. The apartments are 37,5 - 40 m². Long-term renting has preference, but the apartments can also be rented for shorter periods.  The price includes 1-2 persons, if more residents, please see extraperson price in the pricelist.
The apartments are well furnished and equipped with kitchen facilities. Each apartment has a wired internet connection, a television and a separate air conditioning, among other things. Cleaning once a month is included. It's possible to order a cleaning service more often. The price is 45 €. Change of linen costs 30 €.
Vat 0 %​ One night 
Nights 1-6 à
Nights 7-30 à
30 nights
One bed­room flat 80 € 62 € 32 € 1140 €

Extra person/bed

Vat 0% One night reser­vation Nights 1-6 à
Nights 7-30 à
30 nights
  18 € 10 €​​ 7 € 228 €
The before mentioned pricing is followed from the beginning of each period of 30 days. E.g. 10 nights costs 500 € (6x62,- + 4x32,-)


Apartments 202 and 203, One bedroom + living room / kitchen + bathroom + balcony 39,5-40 m2

160 cm wide bed, the sofa can be opened as a spare bed for 1-2 persons.

202 oh

202 mh



202 parveke

Apartment 201, One bedroom + living room / kitchen + bathroom + balcony 37,5 m2

120 cm wide bed and 80 cm wide bed in the living room


Apartment 204, One bedroom + living room / kitchen + bathroom + balcony 40 m2

3 x 80 cm wide beds




Apartment 205, One bedroom + living room / kitchen + bathroom + balcony 40 m2

120 cm wide bed + 80 wide bed in the living room



Reservation requests

Please send requests by e-mail to address:

Please include these information to the message:

  • Check in and check out dates (the room can be used earliest at 13 o'clock, check out time is by 10 am)
  • How many visitors and name(s) of the guests and the e-mail address to which the door code will be sent and the country of arrival
  • Which room type is preferred
  • Responsible person's contact information and unit
  • Payment method: Card payment at the office or internal bill in Martti-system (please give the number of the cost center, project or internal order and acceptor)

The University of Turku can not pay for accommodation if the guest is employed at the University of Turku and the place of employment is Turku.


Please notice these in all guestrooms 

  • The room can be used earliest at 13 o'clock on arrival day.
  • Check-out time is by 10 am. The door code will cease to operate at Villa Hortus at 10 am on the day of check out.
  • Please inform the office when the room is vacant to be cleaned.
  • No pets are allowed.
  • All persons staying at the rooms must be reported to the office beforehand.
  • As a means of payment, the office has the most common bank and credit cards (excluding American Express). We do not receive cash.
  • Please note the opening hours of the office on weekdays 9-11 and 12-14.

Visiting address: Horttokuja 3 Turku, ground floor.
The office is open on working days at  9 - 11 and 12 - 14, closed on holidays.

Keys to Kiinanpiha's flats are available 13 -14.

Guests staying at Villa Hortus will receive a door code via e-mail, which will be valid from 13:00 on the check in day and will cease to be active on the check out day at 10 am.

E-mail: (reservation requests by e-mail)

Postal address: Villa Hortus, FI-20014 University of Turku.



There are few parking places at the inner coart of Villa Hortus. The parking permit has to be orderet beforehand. Please let us know the register number of the car.

There are parking places nearby, but are usually full between 8-16 o'clock. 

There are no parking places in Kiinanpiha, but parking places can be found from the nearby streets.


Cancellation policy

The cancellation policy does not apply to cancellations due to the coronavirus situation.


Reservations of over 25 nights must be cancelled by 12.00 o'clock 7 full working days before the reservation begins. Reservations of less than 25 nights must be cancelled by 12.00 o'clock 3 full working days before the reservation begins. A cancellation fee 50 % of the cancelled period will be charged for the reservations cancelled or changed after this time. However, the minimum charge is 36 € and the maximum charge is correspond to the room's 30 days rent. Also cutting short the reserved time is considered as a cancellation. Rents paid beforehand are not returned if the sum is less than 100 €.