Promoting Global Responsibility
The activities of the University of Turku are based on responsibility, sustainable development and understanding and appreciating diversity within the higher education community. Capacity building for education, research and university structures in developing countries is supported through academic cooperation, participation in networks and different projects. 
The University of Turku is and has been coordinating capacity projects and mobility projects aiming at enhancing academic cooperation and exchanges of students and academics.
An important cooperation network bringing together interdisciplinary knowledge in sustainable development and responsible business has been established in Turku. Seminars and workshops are organized regularily.
Study programmes such as the Sustainable Development Studies module, including themes such as sustainable development and responsible business, and the Development Studies programme are open to all students at the University of Turku.
Strategy for the Internationalisation of Higher Education Institutions in Finland 2009–2015
Sustainable development and responsible business at UTU

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