There are two language versions of the logo: one in Finnish and one in English. The logo is selected according to the target group and the language used in the material.

The University’s logo has to be included in all the materials of the University of Turku and its units. The logo must also be included in the materials of those projects where the University is a partner.

You can use the logo only from the original file: you cannot space, thin, bold, or process it in any way. The minimum width of the logo is 30mm or 100 pixels.

Please note that the logos and winged torch of the University of Turku are protected by a trademark, meaning that copying, editing or using them in a wrong context without a permission is forbidden.

Please read the Logo Guideline before the use of our logo.
If you intend to design graphic materials to an University unit, please contact the University Communications for the more extensive Brand Manual: communications@utu.fi

Logos for online and Office use

Black logo

Finnish logo

English logo

White logo 



Logos for Printed Products

Black CMYK logo

White CMYK logo



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