Temporary Arrangements on the University Hill

The renovation of the Main Building and the quarrying of Aurum, i.e. the building replacing old Juslenia, are causing temporary arrangements on the University Hill. Those visiting the area are advised to note the increased construction site traffic and Aurum's blastings. The accessible routes on the University Hill have also changed. The Main Building of University has been fenced for the duration of the renovation.

Renovation of the Main Building 2018–2020

The construction agency Laamo Oy has begun the renovation work of the Main Building of the University in August 2018. The renovation is estimated to continue until spring 2020. Principally, the working time is on weekdays during 7am–3.30pm, but, if necessary, the work may also be carried out outside working hours. The renovation may cause some noise.

The construction site causes special arrangements at the University Hill, especially regarding parking and accessibility.

Special arrangements concerning the blastings and building of Aurum 2018–2020

The new Aurum building will be constructed to replace Juslenia at Henrikinkatu to jointly serve the University of Turku and Åbo Akademi University. The new building will be completed in spring 2021 and put into operation the same autumn.

Skanska Oy began the blastings at the site of Juslenia in October 2018. During the blastings, students and staff are asked to take extra caution near the construction site. The blastings will be finished by the end of January 2019.

  • The blastings will be carried out on weekdays twice a day between 8.30–8.45am and 1.30–1.45pm. In case of technical issues or external disturbance, the time reserved for the blasting may be exceeded.
  • The upcoming blasting will be announced with a three-minute long continuous quickening signal. Also, the ending of the blasting will be announced with a continuous long signal.
  • Upon hearing the signal, those working in the buildings next to the construction site should move away from the windows. The users of the buildings have been informed of the precautions.

Construction traffic increases with quarrying

It is estimated that transporting the rock cuts resulting from the quarrying takes approximately 4,000 loads of lorries. Those moving on the University Hill should take note of construction site traffic and watch out for reversing lorries, for example.

  • The construction traffic is planned to drive down Henrikinkatu and further via Kerttulinkatu to Hämeenkatu.
  • In some situations, Rehtorinpellonkatu might have to be used as well.

University Hill accessibility

Construction traffic and the fencing of the Main Building causes special arrangements at the University Hill. Accessible routes may be harder to find near the Main Building.

  • The accessible route to Natura and Quantum: via Agora from Vesilinnantie.
  • The accessible route to Rosetta and Signum: via Horttokuja.
  • Disabled parking spaces are found on Quantum's parking area (one space) and on Vesilinnantie (two spaces).