CCR for Public Organisations

Multidisciplinarity is at the heart of our operations, because we strive for recognizing and solving societal challenges. Solving real world problems calls for broad perspective and a holistic approach. CCR shapes the research conditions so that the academic experts get to focus on the questions where they have deep expertise. Our experiences have shown us that introducing business studies to solving problems from other domains brings the knowledge utilization perspective early into the discussion. This is focal also in our collaboration with public organizations.

Collaboration with different faculties of the University of Turku is a valuable starting point for solving public sector challenges. Launching multidisciplinary research projects necessitates coordination and integration between different fields of science and researchers. However, a research project is not an end in itself, but a means for allocating researcher’s expertise to various contexts. CCR focuses in all of its operations on societal relevance and impact. Therefore, our research projects include concrete elements that are relevant to selected actors in our society. Besides impact, we strive for high quality academic research.

The collaboration with public sector organizations is driven by science: the researchers involved set the academic goals for the project. The task of CCR is to identify complementary research themes and link them into interesting and viable initiatives. CCR operates as an integrator at the heart of multidisciplinary project preparations and analyses what kind of know-how is needed.

Collaboration benefits for public sector organizations:

  • Critical, research-based data and knowledge to support decision making
  • Special expertise on e.g. health economics, transforming working life, innovative urban development
  • Long term co-operation, for instance repeated data collections and analyses
  • Channel for networking with researchers, companies and other organizations 
  • State of the art operation models e.g. in open data
  • Sparring and research partner in novel initiatives (e.g. EU structural funds)
CCR is proactive
We are annually involved in some 20 collaborative projects