CCR for Researchers

The objective of impactful high quality research steers all CCR operations. To reach our goal we work close to the objects of our study and the users of the research knowledge. We build long term, confidential relationships.

Good dialogue between researchers and the research objects improves and speeds up the research impact. Research projects involving multiple parties enable for instance more versatile empirical data collection. On the other hand, in multidisciplinary projects researchers accumulate valuable experience in working and publishing traditions in different fields. 

The CCR collaborative approach to research offers unique working environment for researchers affiliated with traditional departments. In this environment research impact, both academic and practical, is emphasized.

Research accelerator
CCR operates as a research accelerator and initiates new research ideas. We engage in on-going dialogue with various stakeholders and spotting new ideas to be accelerated is at the core of our operations.

We value highly the input of researchers in identifying new research ideas. Accelerating an idea into a research initiative necessitates 1) relevant research theme or problem, 2) research partners, 3) company partners and 4) financier.

Researcher benefits from collaborating with CCR:

  • Direct contacts to organizations relevant to your research and employment
  • Multidisciplinary publications in international journals
  • Valuable experience of intensive and socially impactful project research
  • Understanding of benefits of multidisciplinary research in solving companies' problems 
  • Understanding the benefits and challenges on multidisciplinary research collaboration
  • Sparring partner for research ideas
  • Access to extensive research data
  • Ringside seat and networking opportunities in the academia and business life

CCR Thematic research areas

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