CCR for Students

CCR collaborates actively with companies and public sector organizations. We build long-term cooperative relationships where a company’s or other organization’s need for research-based knowledge and academically interesting topics meet.

Companies and public sector organizations often ask us questions that can be solved with the help of TSE students’ knowledge and innovative ideas. Challenges can be addressed, for example, in a course assignment or in a Master’s thesis. Sometimes a business may need to hire a trainee.
CCR forwards thesis assignments to TSE departments. In case you are looking for a thesis assignment, please discuss first the topics you are interested in with your supervisor. 

Business Innovation Camp 
CCR is responsible for the Business Innovation Camp –concept that has received good student evaluations. Business Innovation Camp brings together students from different fields to solve the challenge defined by the client company and to work on innovative solutions. We select primarily students who are have completed their Bachelor’s thesis or are close to completing it.

Business Innovation Camp is an opportunity to network and bring forward your expertise to a potential employer. Participating on the camp gives the rare possibility to acquaint yourself with the client company business and the industry.

Business Innovation camp includes 2-4 intensive camp days as well as a briefing session before the camp and a pitching session after the camp. Students who have taken Business Innovation Camp get 2 ECTS recorded in their studies. 

Business Innovation Camp experience

Facing this huge challenge was exciting and intimidating at the same time, but thanks to the mentors, who guided us through the process, with all its ups and downs, we were able to complete it with results, we wouldn't have believed possible.
Benedikt Daumenlang
TSE student