Väitökset - Dissertations


21.9.2018 Schuez-Havupalo, Linnea
Psychosocial and environmental influences in early childhood and their relation to respiratory tract infections - Väitöstiedote
14.9.2018 Hautala, Lea
Eating Pathology - A Challenge in School Health Care - Väitöstiedote
31.8.2018 Nordling, Pauliina
Cardiovascular Events in Hip Fracture Patients - Väitöstiedote
31.8.2018 Knaapi, Laura
Determining the Size of Retinal Features: a Study on the Magnification of a Fundus Photograph and its Application in the Development of Reaction Time Perimetry - Väitöstiedote
17.8.2018 Raiskila, Simo
Parent-infant closeness and family-centered care in neonatal intensive care - Väitöstiedote
29.6.2018 Leino, Annamari
The First Wheezing Episode and the Subsequent Risk for Asthma - Väitöstiedote
16.6.2018 Saanijoki, Tiina
Neurobiology of physical exercise: Perspectives on psychophysiological effects and opioidergic neurotransmission - Väitöstiedote
15.6.2018 Honkala, Sanna
Adipose tissue and brain metabolic adaptations to sprint interval training and moderate-intensity continuous training; studies in healthy and insulin resistant subjects - Väitöstiedote
15.6.2018 Heikkilä, Arto
8.6.2018 Suvitie, Pia
Modern methods of evaluating endometriosis - Väitöstiedote

8.6.2018 Haapio, Eeva
Cardiac and cerebrovascular complications and bleeding in head and neck cancer surgery - Väitöstiedote
1.6.2018 Jaakkola, Samuli
CLINICAL CHALLENGES IN THE MANAGEMENT OF ATRIAL FIBRILLATION - Studies on Overanticoagulation and Risk Scores - Väitöstiedote
1.6.2018 Koffert, Jukka
Regulation of intestinal metabolism in abesity and diabetes. Studies using positron emission tomography - Väitöstiedote

25.5.2018 Ahomäki, Ritva
Psykososiaalinen selviytyminen nuorena sairastetun syövän jälkeen - Väitöstiedote

25.5.2018 Maaniitty, Teemu
Combined use of PET perfusion imaging and coronary computed tomography angiography in evaluation of stable coronary artery disease - Väitöstiedote
25.5.2018 Mikola, Hanna
Cardiac left ventricular mass and arterial stiffness from childhood to early adulthood - association with cardiometabolic risk factors. The Special Turku Coronary Risk Factor Intervention Project (STRIP) - Väitöstiedote

25.5.2018 Sihvonen, Aleksi
Neural Basis of Acquired Amusia and Its Recovery - Väitöstiedote

18.5.2018 Keskinen, Heli
New Surgical Methods and Complications of Scoliosis Surgery in Paediatric Patients - Väitöstiedote

18.5.2018 Jaakkola, Jussi
Asymptomatic Atrial Fibrillation: Studies on Significance and Screening Methods - Väitöstiedote

11.5.2018 Lund, Juha
PAPP-A as a Prognostic Marker in Suspected Acute Coronary Syndromes - Väitöstiedote
4.5.2018 Silvoniemi, Antti
Novel aspects for methodology and utilization of PET/CT imaging in head and neck cancer - Väitöstiedote
4.5.2018 Juvani, Anne
Work-related stress and disability pension - Väitöstiedote

28.4.2018 U Din, Mueez
Oxidative metabolism and non-invasive characterisation of brown adipose tissue in adult humans - Väitöstiedote
20.4.2018 Holstila, Milja
Multimodality Imaging of Brown Adipose Tissue - Väitöstiedote

9.3.2018 Uitti, Johanna
Role of symptoms in the diagnosis and management of acute otitis media in young children - Väitöstiedote

23.2.2018 Teuho, Jarmo
MR-based attenuation correction and scatter correction in neurological PET/MR imaging with 18F-FDG - Väitöstiedote
2.2.2018 Koskenniemi, Jaakko
Clinical Studies on Testicular Growth and Descent - Väitöstiedote
2.2.2018 Ekblad, Laura
Insulin resistance, cognition, and brain amyloid accumulation - Väitöstiedote 
19.1.2018 Pälve, Kristiina
Physical activity, cardiorespiratory fitness and cardiovascular health - Väitöstiedote
12.1.2018 Kuusalo, Laura
Factors associated with improved outcomes in intensively treated early rheumatoid arthritis - Väitöstiedote
12.1.2018 Vallius, Tuulia
Novel Predictors of Response and Outcome in Advanced Epithelial Ovarian Cancer - Väitöstiedote 
5.1.2018 Langén, Ville
Thyroid-stimulating hormone: reference range and relation to cardiovascular risk  - Väitöstiedote


15.12.2017 Seikkula, Heikki
Studies on prostate-specific antigen and prostate cancer epidemiology - Väitöstiedote

15.12.2017 Junnila, Mika
Registers in assessing complication and revision rate after hip arthroplasty - Väitöstiedote

15.12.2017 Grönberg, Toni

15.12.2017 Takala, Timo
Soluble transferrin receptor — Role in detection of iron deficiency - Väitöstiedote

8.12.2017 Lampio, Laura
Sleep in Climacteric - Associative and Predictive Factors - Väitöstiedote

2.12.2017 Erkkola-Anttinen, Nora
Parental role in the diagnostics of acute otitis media in young children - Väitöstiedote

1.12.2017 Nolvi, Saara
The Role of Early Life Stress in Shaping Infant Fear Reactivity and Executive Functioning - Findings from the FinnBrain Birth Cohort Study - Väitöstiedote

25.11.2017 Hautero, Ulla
Maternal overall diet and quality of fat in promoting infant health and development - Väitöstiedote

24.11.2017 Pajulammi,  Hanna
Hip fracture patients' care and predictors of outcomes during orthogeriatric collaboration - a population based study - Väitöstiedote

17.11.2017 Sarin, Jussi
Bioactive glass S53P4 and tissue adhesives in the surgical treatment of chronic middle ear and mastoidal infections - Väitöstiedote

4.11.2017 Sandman, Nils
Nightmares: Epidemiological studies of subjective experiences - Väitöstiedote

3.11.2017 Kurkijärvi, Kaisa
Surgery for stress urinary incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse in Finnish women - Väitöstiedote

13.10.2017 Feuth, Eeva
Lyme borreliosis in Finland - studies on environmental exposure, disease susceptibility and epidemiology - Väitöstiedote

13.10.2017 Niiniviita, Hannele
Estimation of Radiation Dose and Image Quality in Pediatric and Young Adult Computed Tomography Studies - Väitöstiedote

6.10.2017 Gunn, Erika
Health and quality of life after young age onset brain tumor - Väitöstiedote

6.10.2017 Åivo, Julia
Vitamin D in the Prevention and Treatment of Multiple Sclerosis - Väitöstiedote

15.9.2017 Ahola-Olli, Ari
Genetic dissection of the pathophysiology of cardiovascular risk factors - Väitöstiedote

29.8.2017 Jambor, Ivan
Towards improved characterization of prostate cancer using magnetic resonance imaging and positron emission tomography

16.6.2017 Koivu, Helka 
Total ankle replacement: Clinical, radiological, and biochemical assessment with special reference to osteolysis - Väitöstiedote

10.6.2017 Mikkola, Kirsi 
VVMAT2 and GLP-1R targeting tracers for pancreatic beta cell imaging - Väitöstiedote

9.6.2017 Heiskanen, Marja 
Right ventricular metabolic responses to high-intensity interval and moderate-intensity continuous training: studies by positron emission tomography (Kovatehoisen intervalliharjoittelun ja keskitehoisen kestävyysharjoittelun vaikutukset oikean kammion aineenvaihduntaan: tutkimuksia positroniemissiotomografialla) - Väitöstiedote

9.6.2017 Lautamäki, Anna 
ASPECTS OF CORONARY REVASCULARIZATION - With Special Reference to Renal Impairment and Permanent Work Disability - Väitöstiedote 

26.5.2017 Leino, Mauri 
THE INFLUENCE OF CHRONIC DISEASES ON HOUSEHOLD CHORES AND LEISURE-TIME ACTIVITIES – with reference to low back pain, psoriasis, and rheumatoid arthritis - Väitöstiedote

24.5.2017 Lehtoranta, Lara
FETAL HEART AND HEMODYNAMICS IN DIABETIC PREGNANCY Fetal cardiac and placental function in a rat model of maternal hyperglycemia and human type 1 diabetic pregnancies - Väitöstiedote 

19.5.2017 Seppälä, Tellervo 
Elämänlaadun ja elämäntapojen huomioonottaminen perusterveydenhuollossa - Väitöstiedote 

13.5.2017 Huovinen, Ville 
Effects of obesity and resistance exercise on bone health studied with modern imaging methods - Väitöstiedote

12.5.2017 Hallamaa, Marianne
Ovarian cancer marker HE4 in hormone-related gynecological conditions and diagnosis of ovarian granulosa cell tumors -Väitöstiedote

12.5.2017 Huvila, Jutta 
Prognostic biomarkers in endometrioid endometrial carcinoma - Väitöstiedote 

12.5.2017 Kiviniemi, Aida 
NEW BIOMARKERS IN GLIOMA - PET/CT imaging and the prognostic value of somatostatin receptor subtype 2 - Väitöstiedote

12.5.2017 Nuotio, Joel 
Cardiovascular risk factors and cardiovascular risk prediction from childhood to adulthood. The Cardiovascular Risk in Young Finns Study - Väitöstiedote

5.5.2017 Lukkarinen, Minna 
The risk of school-age asthma after the first severe rhinovirus-induced wheezing - Väitöstiedote

21.4.2017 Palomäki, Antti 
Real-life challenges of stroke prevention in patients with atrial fibrillation - The FibStroke Study - Väitöstiedote

21.4.2017 Sipilä, Jussi 
Huntington’s disease in Finland. Epidemiologic, genetic and clinical studies - Väitöstiedote 

31.3.2017 Lindholm, Pauliina
Neural mechanisms of orofacial pain - effects of transcranial magnetic stimulation - Väitöstiedote

3.3.2017 Saarikoski, Liisa 
Adiponectin and Leptin and Their Associations with Cardiovascular Risk Factors and Markers of Subclinical Atherosclerosis in Young Adults. The Cardiovascular Risk in Young Finns Study - Väitöstiedote

17.2.2017 Ivaska, Lauri
Diagnostic studies in children with acute infections: Microbes and biomarkers - Väitöstiedote

17.2.2017 Kohonen, Ia
Computed Tomography and Radiography in the Diagnosis and Follow-up of Periprosthetic Osteolysis after Total Ankle Arthroplasty - Väitöstiedote

10.2.2017 Tuominen, Sini
Nivelreuman aiheuttama haitta potilaan kokemana - Väitöstiedote 

10.2.2017 Varho, Ville
Healing response to coronary stenting in acute coronary syndrome. Early Anatomical and Functional Healing Assessed by Optical Coherence Tomography and Flow Reserve - Väitöstiedote 

3.2.2017 Juhola, Jonna
Sydän- ja verisuonitautien riskitekijöiden urautuminen ja ennustearvo lapsuudesta aikuisuuteen - Väitöstiedote 

20.1.2017 Kero, Andreina
Late mortality and cardiovascular morbidity after cancer at a young age in Finland 
 - Väitöstiedote


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