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7.12.2018 Katainen, Riina
CLIMACTERIC-RELATED SYMPTOMS IN MIDLIFE AND BEYOND - Studies Using the Women’s Health Questionnaire - väitöstiedote
7.12.2018 Mäkinen, Elina
Diagnostic and Prognostic Aspects of Clinical Brain Dopamine Transporter Imaging in Parkinsonism - väitöstiedote
30.11.2018 Sadov, Sergey
Development of male reproductive health in puberty and young adulthood - väitöstiedote
16.11.2018 Jaakkola, Elina
Neuropsychiatric symptoms and brain dopamine transporter imaging in Parkinson's disease - väitöstiedote
16.11.2018 Saraste, Maija
Pregnancy-related immune alterations in multiple sclerosis - väitöstiedote
9.11.2018 Silvoniemi, Maria
Physicians' views on palliative care and assessment of symptoms of non-small cell lung cancer patients - väitöstiedote
9.11.2018 Lahesmaa, Minna
Endogenous Regulation of Brown Adipose Tissue in Humans (Ihmisen ruskean rasvan endogeeninen säätely) - väitöstiedote
9.11.2018 Aro, Erik
Stability of the femoral stem in cementless total hip arthroplasty and PET/CT imaging of adverse reaction to metal debris - Väitöstiedote
21.9.2018 Schuez-Havupalo, Linnea
Psychosocial and environmental influences in early childhood and their relation to respiratory tract infections - Väitöstiedote
14.9.2018 Hautala, Lea
Eating Pathology - A Challenge in School Health Care - Väitöstiedote
31.8.2018 Nordling, Pauliina
Cardiovascular Events in Hip Fracture Patients - Väitöstiedote
31.8.2018 Knaapi, Laura
Determining the Size of Retinal Features: a Study on the Magnification of a Fundus Photograph and its Application in the Development of Reaction Time Perimetry - Väitöstiedote
17.8.2018 Raiskila, Simo
Parent-infant closeness and family-centered care in neonatal intensive care - Väitöstiedote
29.6.2018 Leino, Annamari
The First Wheezing Episode and the Subsequent Risk for Asthma - Väitöstiedote
16.6.2018 Saanijoki, Tiina
Neurobiology of physical exercise: Perspectives on psychophysiological effects and opioidergic neurotransmission - Väitöstiedote
15.6.2018 Honkala, Sanna
Adipose tissue and brain metabolic adaptations to sprint interval training and moderate-intensity continuous training; studies in healthy and insulin resistant subjects - Väitöstiedote
15.6.2018 Heikkilä, Arto
8.6.2018 Suvitie, Pia
Modern methods of evaluating endometriosis - Väitöstiedote

8.6.2018 Haapio, Eeva
Cardiac and cerebrovascular complications and bleeding in head and neck cancer surgery - Väitöstiedote
1.6.2018 Jaakkola, Samuli
CLINICAL CHALLENGES IN THE MANAGEMENT OF ATRIAL FIBRILLATION - Studies on Overanticoagulation and Risk Scores - Väitöstiedote
1.6.2018 Koffert, Jukka
Regulation of intestinal metabolism in abesity and diabetes. Studies using positron emission tomography - Väitöstiedote

25.5.2018 Ahomäki, Ritva
Psykososiaalinen selviytyminen nuorena sairastetun syövän jälkeen - Väitöstiedote

25.5.2018 Maaniitty, Teemu
Combined use of PET perfusion imaging and coronary computed tomography angiography in evaluation of stable coronary artery disease - Väitöstiedote
25.5.2018 Mikola, Hanna
Cardiac left ventricular mass and arterial stiffness from childhood to early adulthood - association with cardiometabolic risk factors. The Special Turku Coronary Risk Factor Intervention Project (STRIP) - Väitöstiedote

25.5.2018 Sihvonen, Aleksi
Neural Basis of Acquired Amusia and Its Recovery - Väitöstiedote

18.5.2018 Keskinen, Heli
New Surgical Methods and Complications of Scoliosis Surgery in Paediatric Patients - Väitöstiedote

18.5.2018 Jaakkola, Jussi
Asymptomatic Atrial Fibrillation: Studies on Significance and Screening Methods - Väitöstiedote

11.5.2018 Lund, Juha
PAPP-A as a Prognostic Marker in Suspected Acute Coronary Syndromes - Väitöstiedote
4.5.2018 Silvoniemi, Antti
Novel aspects for methodology and utilization of PET/CT imaging in head and neck cancer - Väitöstiedote
4.5.2018 Juvani, Anne
Work-related stress and disability pension - Väitöstiedote

28.4.2018 U Din, Mueez
Oxidative metabolism and non-invasive characterisation of brown adipose tissue in adult humans - Väitöstiedote
20.4.2018 Holstila, Milja
Multimodality Imaging of Brown Adipose Tissue - Väitöstiedote

9.3.2018 Uitti, Johanna
Role of symptoms in the diagnosis and management of acute otitis media in young children - Väitöstiedote

23.2.2018 Teuho, Jarmo
MR-based attenuation correction and scatter correction in neurological PET/MR imaging with 18F-FDG - Väitöstiedote
2.2.2018 Koskenniemi, Jaakko
Clinical Studies on Testicular Growth and Descent - Väitöstiedote
2.2.2018 Ekblad, Laura
Insulin resistance, cognition, and brain amyloid accumulation - Väitöstiedote 
19.1.2018 Pälve, Kristiina
Physical activity, cardiorespiratory fitness and cardiovascular health - Väitöstiedote
12.1.2018 Kuusalo, Laura
Factors associated with improved outcomes in intensively treated early rheumatoid arthritis - Väitöstiedote
12.1.2018 Vallius, Tuulia
Novel Predictors of Response and Outcome in Advanced Epithelial Ovarian Cancer - Väitöstiedote 
5.1.2018 Langén, Ville
Thyroid-stimulating hormone: reference range and relation to cardiovascular risk  - Väitöstiedote

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