A Critical View on Entrepreneurship in Higher Education Seminar

The seminar is intended for those interested in enhancing entrepreneurship in higher education. Join us for an afternoon with examples of innovative ways of teaching and learning entrepreneurial skills and knowledge; the top finalists in the Intoa! Entrepreneurship Award at University of Turku will pitch their achievements. This is followed by a keynote session, invited speakers introduce us to entrepreneurship education – Ken Singer from UC Berkeley will challenge us with inspiring thoughts on entrepreneurship as a second language, while Joonas Mikkilä from The Federation of Finnish Entrepreneurs will walk us through the development stages of entrepreneurship education, guiding us right into the future. These gentlemen will be accompanied by Research Director Ulla Hytti in a panel discussion, moderated by Ina Laakso, former chairperson of the Student Union at Åbo Akademi University.


Kirsi Peura