CANCELLED The Doctoral Clinic 2020


2.4.2020 klo 10.00 - 3.4.2020 klo 16.00
The Doctoral Clinic 2020

2 and 3 April 2020, Turku

We all want to think well. The annual two-day national methodology workshop invites you to think about what good legal thinking is, what characterizes it, and what methodological tools we need for it. The aim of the event is to give you a chance to develop and work on your methodological research skills.

The event is open to all doctoral candidates from law and neighboring disciplines (politics, social sciences, humanities, etc.) based in Finnish universities and working on law-relatedd themes. The workshop is co-organized by the Faculties of Law in University Turku and Helsinki and the Insititute for Human Rights at Åbo Akademi.

The workshop will include:
• an advance assignment based on readings you map and reflect your methological options;
• plenary sessions you are exposed to different approach to thinking about law;
• group work you discuss each other’s methodology options;
• pop-up counseling sessions you get feed-back on your methodology paper from a senior scholar
• a self-reflective academic learning diary (3 ECTS) or a research essay intended to function as the first draft of the methodological section of your thesis (5 ECTS).

After the workshop you should be able to:
• understand the basic methodological approaches available in legal scholarship and how they apply to your own thesis project;
• manage the complexity of legal phenomena through the systematic frameworks provided by different methodological approaches;
• discuss and evaluate critically the political interconnections between various legal phenomena and their study; and
• appreciate the challenges that interdisciplinarity introduces to legal scholarship.

The keynote will be delivered by Andreas Phiippopuolos-Mihailopoulos.

Participation is free, but participating doctoral candidates are expected to cover their own travel and accommodation costs. Please consult your doctoral programmes and Faculties for possible subsidies.
Mika Viljanen