Living & Working in the Netherlands - EURES


24.1.2020 klo 10.00 - 11.00
If you are planning or thinking of gaining experience abroad there are a lot of opportunities on offer in many countries in Europe. One of those interesting countries is the Netherlands. Small in size but large in spirit and business opportunities the Netherlands has a lot to offer. There are many vacancies in Healthcare, Tourism & Recreation, Engineering, Logistics, Business & Marketing, Agriculture and many more. The Netherlands is seen as a liberal country with an open and friendly mentality and is culturally diverse. It is not always easy making such a step, but with the right information and guidance you can find the opportunity that suits your preference. During our presentation we give you an insight in living and working in the Netherlands and zoom in on some opportunities and challenges. Furthermore there is room to ask questions and to discuss specific cases. If there is interest to receive information based on your background, education or preferences we can share your CV with a large network of professionals in the Netherlands. We are looking forward in meeting you and sharing our information to further your interest and chances in Europe.

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