Marketing research seminar


14.12.2021 klo 12.30 - 15.00
We warmly welcome any interested parties join the second Marketing research seminar of this academic year!

We have two great presentations to look forward to:

Otto Rosendahl: Chapter 5 - Functional differentiation in societal value cocreation
This theoretical chapter of my monograph dissertation contributes insights from Luhmannian functionalism into SDL’s theory of value cocreation. Although SDL considers value cocreation as ‘purpose of society’, its theorizations regarding the society lack specificity. This chapter concentrates on the dominant structures of the contemporary society instead of SDL’s extant focus to institutions of inter-organizational ecosystems embedded in the society. As a result, this chapter balances SDL’s emergentism, e.g. the emphasis to microfoundations, innovativeness and institutional work of actors, with understanding of our prevalent contemporary societal structure of functional differentiation and its widespread influence to actors and ecosystems in the society.

Mariia Syväri: Connecting Sustainable Startup Creation and Market Shaping (presentation of monograph thesis)
The study contributes to market shaping literature and particularly to the emerging discussion on sustainable market shaping. Prior literature lacks examination on the antecedents of market shaping (the why); has a narrow view on the market shaping actors by holding an implicit assumption of shareholder value thinking and by focusing on incumbent actors (the who); and provides scant understanding on the detailed shaping efforts and their unfolding over time (the what and the how). I address these gaps by exploring the nature and process of market shaping in relation with sustainable startup creation. A longitudinal single case study was conducted in the market for Guarantees of Origin for renewable electricity.

No separate enrolment is required, just join in on the conversation!
Sini Nordberg-Davies