Mini-course: Introduction to group theoretical methods in quantum information, Prof. Claudio Carmeli


20.8.2019 klo 10.15 - 29.8.2019 klo 12.00
Prof. Claudio Carmeli (Univ of Genova) delivers a mini-course in August.

Title: Introduction to group theoretical methods in quantum information

Deion: The common thread of the lectures is a collection of impossible machines that have stimulated the research in quantum information. Using group representation theory, we review some approximate realizations of such machines. For instance, the no-cloning theorem prohibits the existence of a universal cloning machine, and the question is then what kind of approximate cloning machines are possible. The necessary group theoretical background with an introduction to the representation theory of finite groups and SU(2) will be provided.

Lectures: 6 x 90minutes lectures during two weeks: Tue 20.8., Wed 21.8., Thu 22.8. and Tue 27.8., Wed 28.8., Thu 29.8.
Lecture room: 314, Quantum 3rd floor
Teiko Heinosaari