POSTPONED: TIAS Symposium - Enlightenment


23.4.2020 klo 12.15 - 16.00
The Enlightenment was a multi-faceted socio-politico-philosophical enterprise that peaked in the 1700s and brought about all kinds of societal and political reforms. Many of its fundamental ideas still flourish and are constitutive of our society. These ideas include but are not limited to freedom of speech, freedom of religion, individualism of citizens, egalitarianism, economic and political liberalism and, perhaps, the more general idea of harnessing rational and well-informed thinking to the development of local, national and global community. At the same time, it may seem that many of these ideas are also questioned today; perhaps it is not too far-fetched to say that irrationality and thoughtlessness or even superstition-like attitudes gain ground. Does this mean that the ideals of the Enlightenment have come under threat?

The TIAS symposium brings together researchers from various disciplines to discuss these issues. The symposium is free to attend but requires registration.

The event is organised by the Turku Institute for Advanced Studies (Hemmo Laiho and Susanne Uusitalo.
Jenni Kankaanpää