Relational Turn in the Social Sciences: Causes and Consequences Symposium


15.10.2019 klo 11.00 - 17.00
The social sciences are supposed to be about studying social relations and how these relations make up us as beings in the world – and not just as beings who view the world. Yet for the most part the science part of the social sciences has been equated with scientific methods and their underlying theories that presume social world to be more or less akin to the natural world: having entities in place and relations to be added to them as some sort of embellishments rather than as part of their very constitution. Relational social science is presuming the primacy of relations in making sense of whatever being in the world. To be is to relate. One cannot grasp the social world without considering the relations at its ground. This might sound elementary, but the four presentations consider various ways this truism has been forgotten for generations by social scientific mainstream and how it is making its come back in the contemporary scene of social research.