Research seminar in Marketing


16.11.2021 klo 12.30 - 15.00
You are warmly welcome to join the first marketing research seminar of this academic year!

This time we will hear the following two presentations:

Professor Aino Halinen-Kaila: How to write funding applications that make the rain? (presentation and common discussion)
Aino will shortly go through the must-be-there issues of applications, zooming on their content, format and rhetorics. The premise of the presentation is that writing a research plan and writing a funding application are two different writing tasks for two different purposes and audiences.

Doctoral Candidate Hamza Siddique: Presentation on research in progress and doctoral research goals
Market shaping, changing overall behavior of existing or new markets, is a phenomenon which has been an interest of scholars for last two decades. Though the concept has been mentioned in literature since early 2000s, last two years have seen a high influx of publications on this topic, with interdisciplinary interest. Previous literature conceptualizes market shaping into five subprocesses, qualifying goods, fashioning modes of exchange, configuring actors, establishing market norms, and generating market representations. In other words, market-shaping perspective considers markets as ongoing processes, adapting and being influenced by the activities of multiple actors involved. My research focuses on the topic of market shaping with a lens of sustainability, which has been scarcely discussed. This presentation will enlighten audience with a detailed literature review of market shaping in last 20 years, its connection with sustainability and why is it needed, and proposed research goals.

No separate enrolment is required.
Sini Nordberg-Davies