RFM Webinar: How to Succeed in Funding Calls – the Power of Your Peers


5.5.2021 klo 15.00 - 16.45
In 2020 the Faculty of Medicine started a peer-review trial to get useful peer support for preparing funding applications.

This initiative is part of the Faculty strategy to increase the chances of success in big research funding calls. The aim is to provide more support and feedback for the applicants during the grant writing process.

Now it is time to launch the new peer-review round and discuss how did it go last year.

Welcome to listen to our webinar organised by the UTU Research - Faculty of Medicine! The event is open to everyone!

The language of the event is Finnish, but all the materials are also in English.

Registration: https://link.webropolsurveys.com/S/F3309FD3DDCB60A0

Eeva Rainio