TCSM 10th Anniversary Seminar


13.12.2018 klo 12.00 - 16.45

12:00 The Past, the Present and the Future of the TCSM

Opening words
Vice-Rector Kalle-Antti Suominen

Towards Research Excellence in Turku
Emeritus Professor Matti Viljanen, University of Turku

Academy Professor and Academician Sirpa Jalkanen

Navigating the way, but where to go? - Challenges and rewards on the way of starting your own research group
Academy Research Fellow Pieta Mattila, Institute of Biomedicine

How are relativistic jets and academic careers accelerated?
Academy Research Fellow Talvikki Hovatta, Dep. of Physics and Astronomy

13:45 – 14.15 Coffee Break

14:15 Keynote Speakers

Career from Finnish Hospital Physicist to Radiology Professor at Harvard Medical School
Professor of Radiology Anna-Liisa Brownell, Harvard Medical School/Massachusetts General Hospital, MA, USA

Light for life and for the Future
Academy Professor and Academician Eva-Mari Aro, University of Turku, Department of Biochemistry/Molecular Plant Biology
Closing remarks
Academy Professor Sirpa Jalkanen

15:50 – 16:45 Get-together and refreshments

Introductions of the Keynote Speakers:
Anna-Liisa Brownell, PhD is Professor of Radiology at the Harvard Medical School and Physicist at the Massachusetts General Hospital. She has four children and seven grandchildren. She received PhD from the University of Helsinki in 1974, served as the Chief Physicist at the University Central Hospital of Helsinki, Adjunct Professor at the University of Helsinki and the Lecturer at the Helsinki University of Technology as well as the Visiting Scientist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Her research in Finland was supported by the Academy of Finland and in the United States by the National Institutes of Health, Department of Defense and Department of Energy with total of 30 million dollars. She received the Distinguished Investigator Award nominated by the Academy of Radiology Research in 2015. Her research has focused on developing new technical and pharmacological approaches for diagnostic imaging enhancing precision medicine. She has published 159 research papers, reviews and book chapters and has four patents.

Eva-Mari Aro is a professor of Plant Molecular Biology in the Department of Biochemistry at the University of Turku, presently awarded an Academy professorship. She received the honorary title of Academician of Science in 2017 from the President of Finland. Aro is a highly cited researcher and has published over 300 peer reviewed scientific papers, mostly on the structure and function of the photosynthetic apparatus and how to enhance photosynthesis for production of clean energy in order to replace the fossil fuels. Aro currently chairs both the Academy of Finland Center of Excellence (CoE) and the Nordic CoE NordAqua, and is a partner of an Australian (ARC) CoE on Plant Energy Biology. She has been a president of the International Society of Photosynthesis Research and the Finnish Academy of Science and Letters. In 2018 Aro was invited as foreign fellow to the US National Academy of Sciences (NAS), and is an honorary doctor of the Chinese Academy of Science, Umeå University and the University of Helsinki. Currently she is also a vice president of the European Academies of Science Advisory Council 0(EASAC).