Teachers Workshop Spring 2022


24.5.2022 klo 10.00 - 15.10
The workshop would involve a 15min presentation on each spring course and 5 mins for discussion with the exception of longitudinal methods (30 minutes in total). See below the provisional schedule.

Provisional schedule
10.00-10.20 Introduction and overview of curriculum 2022-2024 (Patricia McMullin, Mirkka Danielsbacka)
10.20-10.40 Social Inequality (Mikko Niemelä, Outi Sarpila, Irene Prix)
10.40-11.00 Peer Relations (Claire Garandeau)
11:00-11.20 Prevention and Intervention (Claire Garandeau, Jessica Trach, Chloe Tolmatcheff)
11.20-12.30 Lunch
12:30-13.00 Longitudinal and Multilevel Modelling + labs (Satu Helske, Anna-Erika Hägglund, Hye Won Kwon, Lucia Ruggera)
13.00-13.20 Evolutionary Perspectives (Mirkka Danielsbacka, Jenni Pettay, Marco Balducci)
13:20-13.40 Research themes of INVEST (Kristiina Tammisalo)
13:40-14:00 Additional Advanced Method- Introduction to R (Samuli Helle)
14:00-14.15 Break
14:15-14:30 Research proposal workshop (Jani Erola)
14.30-14.45 Student perspective, teaching methods ( online vs. on-campus vs. hybrid model), other s (Charles Ngiendo, Eija Lindroos, Patricia, Mirkka)
14.45-15:10 Brainstorming ideas for improvement

All teachers from both semesters and those who begin their teaching next year are very welcome to attend.

All the best and happy holiday!
Patricia & Mirkka