The 30th American Voices Seminar


6.10.2023 klo 14.00 - 7.10.2023 klo 13.00
The 30th American Voices Seminar is organized on October 6-7, 2023, at the University of Turku.
The seminar is open to the public and free of charge, and you are warmly welcome to attend either individual sessions or stay for the full two-day program.

Seminar Program
Friday, October 6
Tauno Nurmela Hall, University of Turku Main Building

14:00–14:20 Welcome to the 30th American Voices Seminar!
Janne Korkka, Senior Lecturer, Department of English, University of Turku
Piia Björn, Vice Rector, University of Turku
Terhi Mölsä, Chief utive Officer, Fulbright Finland Foundation

14:20–15:10 Regional Stereotypes
Presenters: John Barton, Anezka Boyle, Xenabeth Lazaro, James Hawdon
Chair: TBA

15:10–15:20 Greetings from the Fulbright Finland Foundation

15:20–15:45 Refreshment Break

15:45–16:25 Reality TV in the U.S.
Presenters: Chase Friel, Claudia Partridge, Skye Pham
Chair: TBA

16:25–16:35 Break

16:35–17:25 Women in North American Sports
Presenters: Mujde Yuksel, Lucia Trimbur, Zhanel DeVides, Mia Filardi
Chair: TBA

End of program on Friday

Saturday, October 7
10:15–11:05 Desert Life in the US: Food Access and Foraging
Presenters: Sydney Erlikh, Casey ODonnell, Iveta Silova, Bethany McGowan
Chair: TBA

11:05–11:30 Refreshment Break

11:30–12:00 Aspects of the U.S. Educational System
Presenters: Radha Jagannathan, Zhuming Bi
Chair: TBA

12.00–12:40 Sustainability in the U.S
Presenters: Peter Matthews, Venu Veeravalli, Anthony Hackney
Chair: TBA

12:40 Closing Words


Janne Korkka