TSE Alumni Webinar: How COVID-19 affected companies’ performance in the Nordics – a sudden shock was also a good shock


22.6.2022 klo 16.00 - 16.45
WHEN: 22.6.2022 at 4.00-4.45 pm

PhD (Econ.) Olli-Pekka Lumijärvi will present the findings of him and his research team on “Strategies for Sudden Shock- Market Rewards Good Performance Also During Tough Times”. Companies aim to grow revenue, profit, and market capitalization. When global economy was growing, these ambitions were feasible. COVID-19 forced companies to re-think their strategic priorities and to take actions to keep their promises.

Companies which had made solid strategic choices before COVID-19 and were able to renew themselves performed well, but the study demonstrates other successful strategies also. The study illustrates case examples and shows that winners can be categorized in four groups depending on company’s focus and time horizon of strategic actions.

Professor Satu Teerikangas and Professor of Practice at Turku School of Economics Riku Santala will discuss the effects of COVID-19 on companies in Nordic with Olli-Pekka Lumijärvi.