Value-added products from the food industry side streams


9.11.2021 klo 10.00 - 12.30
Webinar entitled "Value-added products from food industry side streams" is organized by the University of Turku (Finland) in collaboration with the TFTAK (Estonia), UPWr (Poland) and Fraunhofer IVV (Germany). This two- and half-hour webinar focused on circular economy will provide a total of seven presentations by esteemed professionals in food and related industries. Topics range from raw material characterization to product and packing materials development. Raw materials discussed include barley and oat hulls, brewers spent grain from beer manufacturing, presscake from canola oil production, and by-products from fruit and coffee processing.

Webinar is free-of-charge to all participants.
The webinar Zoom link will be provided after the registration.

Webinar program
All times are Finnish local times (GMT+3).

Opening words
Prof. Baoru Yang, University of Turku, Finland

Valorization of brewer’s spent grain and canola press cake: Strategies to isolate protein and dietary fibers
MSc Maike Föste, Fraunhofer IVV, Germany

Protein characterization of the enzyme treated barley spent grain
PhD Marie Kriisa, TFTAK, Estonia

Valorisation of brewer's spent grain and its protein-rich extracts in yogurt product and plant-based yogurt alternatives
MSc Joncer Naibaho, UPWr, Poland

Effect of pre-treatment on nutrient and phytochemical composition of canola (Brassica napus) oil press cakes
PhD Ye Tian, University of Turku, Finland

Break (5 min.)

Fractionation strategies and application potential of by-products from fruit and coffee processing
PhD Stephanie Mittermaier, Fraunhofer IVV, Germany

Concept of meat products enriched with protein-fiber preparations recovered from brewer's spent grain and canola oil press cake
PhD Joanna Rychlicka-Rybska, Regis Ltd, Poland

Applicability of oat and barley hulls for food packaging materials
PhD Pekka Saranpää, National Resources Institute Finland
Niko Markkinen