Faculty of Social Sciences grant for finalizing a doctoral dissertation


The Faculty of Social Sciences awards grants for finalizing doctoral students to finalize their doctoral dissertation. The grant is open for application to all doctoral students in the University of Turku doctoral programme in the Faculty of Social Sciences in the final stages of completing their doctoral degree, whose dissertation will be completed in the Faculty of Social Sciences.

​The grants are intended for finalizing the doctoral dissertation. The aim of the grant period is to have the dissertation manuscript ready for preliminary examination, or to hone the pre-examined manuscript ready for publication. Preference is given to applicants who present a realistic plan for completing their doctoral thesis during 2013.

The grant can be applied for a period of 1-3 months and awarded grants must be used in one constant period between 1 June and 31 December 2013. The grant sum is 1626 €/month. The recipient must work full-time to be eligible for the grant. The grant cannot be awarded to someone who is working full-time or receives another working grant at the same time as this grant.

The grant recipient pledges to report on her or his progress to their thesis main supervisor and the faculty within four weeks of completing the grant period.

Apply for the grant with the application form “Faculty of Social Sciences grant for finalizing a doctoral dissertation”. Fill in the form complete with the signatures of the applicant and the thesis supervisor and submit to the Faculty of Social Sciences office latest by Friday 26 April 2013 at 15.45. Mailing address: Faculty of Social Sciences, 20014 TURUN YLIOPISTO (visiting address: Assistentinkatu 7, Publicum, ground floor). Applications can also be submitted by email to soc@lists.utu.fi.

Decisions on the grants will be made by 15 May 2013. Further information on the grant is available from the heads of each of the faculty's departments, email: firstname.lastname@utu.fi

  • Department of Behavioural Sciences and Philosophy, Jukka Hyönä 02 333 8503
  • Department of Political Science and Contemporary History, Henri Vogt 02 333 5205
  • Department of Social Research, Hannu Ruonavaara 02 333 5382
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