Integration, Dis-integration and Citizenship in a Troubled European Union


​Professor Jo Shaw of University of Edinburgh delivered the seventh Turku Law School Annual Lecture on 23 October 2018 at the Faculty of Law to an audience of 200 academics and students.

The lecture examined the impact of the European Union upon citizenship, and explored two cases of Brexit and stalled enlargement in south east Europe in order to study the partial, fragmentary and contested governance of citizenship. The case studies placed EU citizenship into a wider political and socio-economic context, demonstrating its central importance as an enabler of personal freedom. At the same time, they highlighted how the denial or loss of EU citizenship can engender individual strategies to recover lost or denied benefits. From the analysis, parallels emerged between EU citizenship and national citizenship; both offer a promise of equality, but a reality of differentiation and inequality.

The lecture was followed by an expert seminar exploring the various aspects of European Union citizenship.  Päivi Neuvonen discussed the relationship between EU citizenship and democracy, and Jussi Jaakkola analysed the impact of market citizenship on democracy. Mirka Kuisma examined the evolving case law of the Court of Justice and Jukka Snell considered the interplay between the citizenship case law, fundamental rights and the scope of EU law.

Luotu 24.10.2018 | Muokattu 24.10.2018