Visiting Lecturer Dr Allan Discua Cruz: Entrepreneurial narratives of the family (in) business


Dr Allan Discua Cruz will visit Entrepreneurship department on 6th March  and will held a presentation: Entrepreneurial narratives of the family (in) business (time 14:00-16:00, TSE Yhdistys)

Allan Discua Cruz (PhD), is a faculty member of the Department of Entrepreneurship and Strategy, at Lancaster University Management School, United Kingdom. He is currently the Director of the Entrepreneur In Residence Programme and the MSc in International Business and Strategy. He conducts research on families in business, women entrepreneurs, entrepreneurial teams and business portfolio dynamics. He applies stewardship, paradox and relational theory lenses in studies of entrepreneurial stewardship, business diversification, faith-based management and sustainability. His research has appeared in Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice, Journal of Business Ethics, Journal of Business Research, Business History, Journal of Family Business Strategy, International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Behaviour Research, Entrepreneurship Education & Pedagogy,  Entrepreneurship and Regional Development and International Small Business Journal.

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