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Are you interested in climate change, and willing to learn about it from a systemic point of view? - Climate change as a systemic problem is a multi-disciplinary course on how to apply systems thinking in the context of climate change. The course offers an introduction to systems analysis and mathemathical modelling, investigation of climate models, and study of human systems via a negotiation simulation. (MOOC) is part of Climate University studies. The course is co-organized by Aalto University, University of Helsinki, Tampere University and University of Turku. All the course materials of Climate University are freely available online on the website.

To get credits from the course, degree students need to register to the course organized by a CU university. If you dont´t have a degree student's study right, you can register for the course at the Open University of the University of Turku.

This master's-level, 5 credits course is organized as an online course during 19.1. -  23.3.2021 and co-hosted by teachers from four universities (Aalto, Tampere, Helsinki and Turku universities). 

This course consists of three main themes

  • “Introduction to Systems Thinking” looks at what systems are and different ways in which they can be described.

  • “Earth Systems” delves into Earth System Science and the ways in which Climate Change is affecting the Earth seen as a system of interconnected spheres.

  • “Eco-Social Systems” focuses on humans as agents of change in systems that link individuals and groups of people with the environments they inhabit and depend upon.

Further information:

> Climate University:

> Study Guide

> Registration 14.12.2021 - 18.1.2022

Prerequisites: Basic knowledge on climate change and/or sustainability, for example Climate University course or Students are responsible for assessing their prior knowledge requirements when registering to Open University.

The tuition fee: 75 euros
Student quota: 30