Tuorlan observatorion henkilöstön julkaisemia tiedekirjoja (vuodesta 2008 alkaen)

Published December 2009

Universumi tietokoneesa

by Leena Tähtinen, Chris Flynn and Esko Valtaoja

A look at the role computer simulations play in astrophysics, covering everything from planet formation, supernovae explosions to the expansion of the universe and much more. Beautifully illustrated with many high resolution simulations. Published in Finnish.

Universe in computer

Published November 2009

Matkalla avaruuteen - Avaruustutkimuksen historia ja tekniikka

by Hannu Karttunen

A comprehensive history of technological and research developments in space. Published in Finnish.

Universe in computer

Published December 2008

"The Evolving Universe and the Origin of Life"

by Pekka Teerikorpi, Mauri Valtonen, Kirsi Lehto, Harry Lehto, Gene Byrd and Arthur Chernin

"The Evolving Universe and the Origin of Life" describes, complete with fascinating biographical details of the thinkers involved, the ascent to the metaphorical shoulders accomplished by the greatest minds in history. For the first time, a single book can take the reader on a journey through the history of the universe as interpreted by the expanding body of knowledge of humankind. From subatomic particles to the protein chains that form life, and expanding in scale to the entire universe, this book covers the science that explains how we came to be.


Published October 2008

"Universumin pimeä puoli"

by Leena Tähtinen and Chris Flynn

"Universumin pimeä puoli" or "The Dark Side of the Universe" has just been published by URSA. The book discusses the discovery of dark matter and dark energy, and how they lead us to believe that 95 percent of the Universe is still unseen. Published in Finnish.


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