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Baltic TRAM

Interesting results from the project activities can be found from the Baltic TRAM Open Data Portal where a selection of industry cases are presented as detailed examples showcasing industrial development challenges, analysis methods used to solve the challenge and main results.

Baltic TRAM was established structures to serve as interface between analytical research institutes and companies, so called Industrial Research Centers. Invited companies got consultations and access to research facilities to test their ideas.

The overall objective was to boost innovation, secured the implementation of smart specialization strategies, and encouraged entrepreneurship by supporting small and medium size enterprise – thus contributing to the regional effort of making the Baltic Sea Region innovative, sustainable and competitive.
To achieve this, Baltic TRAM also feeded into the regional research and innovation agenda. It was performed benchmarking analysis on national roadmaps for research infrastructures and smart specialization strategies, and provided recommendations to policy makers.
Baltic TRAM was led by DESY, Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron, in dialogue with 14 project partners, including University of Turku, and 5 associated organisations from across the Baltic Sea Region. The project was partly funded by the European Union.
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