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Living with Cultural Heritage (LiviHeri)
The goal of the project LiviHeri is to learn how to live, maintain and cherish a historical town while preserving its characteristic environment and liveability. The project builds on a joint interest based on the recognition of similarities and differences between the participating towns of Rauma (Finland), Visby (Sweden), Kuldiga and Aizpute (Latvia).

The project develops thematically joint tourist attractions based on cultural and natural resources as well as thematically and periodically joint tourist products. The participating towns will build joint platforms for communication in social media enhancing simultaneous activities, shared experiences and crowd-sourced innovations. The activities will be done via joint learning process with benchmarking visits, local activities and sharing the local skills and knowledge hand-by-hand in workshops as well as digitally in social media.

The project will produce three new joint tourist packages, two new tourist attractions and three new identification and awareness raising packages.
Further information

Lead partner: Rauma Town

Project partners:
  • University of Turku, Dept. of Teacher Education, Rauma Unit
  • University of Turku, The Degree Programme in Cultural Production and Landscape Studies, Pori
  • Kuldiga District Council, Kuldiga
  • The Residencies and Workshop Center SERDE, Riga
  • Gotland Region, Visby
Responsible persons at the Dept. of Teacher Education, Rauma Unit:
  • Programme Manager Päivi Granö,
  • University Lecturer Riitta Korhonen,

Project Duration: 9/2015 - 11/2018
Funding: EU Central Baltic Programme 2014-2020


Workshop day in Rauma on 24th of May in 2016

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