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Active learning and networking
The EMBA Turku alumni group offers an active forum for all EMBA graduates, so they can continue to share experiences with others after completing their studies.
Organised events, seminars, and meetings offer opportunities to make new connections and to stay in contact with the Turku School of Economics.
The alumni group creates a professional forum enabling graduates to keep abreast of the new academic studies, to continue their personal and professional growth, to have fun with friends, and even to do business.
"The EMBA Turku course made the students on the course a team, and the team became friends and ‘brothers-in-arms’ for life."
Rainer Knuts, Operations Director Finland, Fläktwoods Oy
"The EMBA Turku introduced me to many wonderful people. Networking and life-changing thoughts and experiences, as well as co-development during the team projects, were the absolute spice of this high-standard study programme. The alumni forum is for staying in touch and finding new opportunities in one’s career and in life."
Petteri Heimo, Managing Director, STX Finland Cabins Oy


We welcome all alumni to join the TSE exe LinkedIn group