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Knowledge for Development: Creating Rural Resource Database for Sustainable Livelihoods in Cambodia and Laos (SURVEY)

The survey consisted of questions on the use of natural resources for livelihood (agricultural, forest, water, and energy); human resources (education, skills, division of labour, migration potential to urban areas); local institutions (decision-making, ownership and use rights of the natural resources); means to cope with unexpected constrains such as illness or crop failure; abilities and potential for livelihood diversification, including e.g. energy crop plantations. Besides survey questions, also open questions were made for villagers and village headmen in order to further elaborate livelihood issues. The data was mostly collected by Indochina Research Ltd, which is an experienced regional research company.

The data was gathered to databases which were used for analysing the sustainability of rural livelihood in Cambodia and Laos, as well as the patterns and causalities between food security/climate change issues and rural resources base. Equally importantly the databases and the statistics provide long-term support in formulation of development assistance programmes and national policymaking.

The Project was funded by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland during the years 2009-2010.

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Hanna Kaisti
Jenny Turunen