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Ahvenharju Sanna

M.Soc.Sc., Doctoral Candidate
Puh. 050 320 1149, 029 450 4094, web page 


Sanna Ahvenharju has over 20 years of experience in sustainable development policy and governance. As a consultant she has been responsible for leading complex projects related to policy development and assessment processes that were commissioned by the government, ministries or state agencies. She has also worked in NGOs with municipal level sustainability policies in Finland, Germany and Lithuania.
Sanna's research interests cover sustainable development and especially environmental and consumption policy, as well as future images and future consciousness as central factors in that context. Her PhD project focuses on Finnish decision makers as enablers of sustainable development. The aim is to study how conscious the decision makers are of the challenges related to sustainable consumption and how do they understand these challenges.

Armanto Riikkariikka-armanto.png

M.Sc. (ecology), Doctoral Candidate

Riikka Armanto is an ecologist wanting to embrace proactive creation of hoped-for futures. She is currently working in a project of Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke) promoting climate wise agriculture in Finland. Her PhD thesis is about strengthening farmers’ agency and futures consciousness in future workshops and is partly a methodological study of workshop effectiveness. Even though the intriguing nature of alternative yet-not-existing futures stole her heart and made her jump from experimental ecology to qualitative research, she still feels very warmly about invertebrate interactions and biodiversity in agricultural ecosystems.


Chaparak Ali

Doctoral Candidate

Djuricic Ksenija

Doctoral Candidate


Haapanen Liisa

M.Sc., Doctoral Candidate at UTUGS
Puh. 050 346 2436,  029 450 4088




kaboli.jpgKaboli Akhgar

MA, Doctoral Candidate, akhgar.s.kaboli(a)
Tel. +358 44 988 6789

Akhgar Kaboli is a PhD candidate in Finland Futures Research Centre. She holds an MA in Futures Studies from University of Turku (2016) and an MA in International Relations. The current focus of her doctoral research is on the images of the future of young adult refugees in Finland. Her fields of interest include critical and transformative futures research, the concepts of images of the future, sense of belonging and otherness.


Karjalainen Joni

M.Soc.Sc., Doctoral Candidate at UTUGS
Tel. +44 7449 716 788, +358 40 702 9691

Joni Karjalainen has worked as a project researcher in the Finland Futures Research Centre since 2013. His doctoral research explores goals to achieve ‘sustainable energy for all’ objectives through entrepreneurial clean energy technology ventures and radical innovation in developing countries. He particularly focuses on emerging business models in solar photovoltaics in Eastern and Western Africa.

Karjalainen is also a Visiting Fellow in the University of Sussex, Science Policy Research Unit (SPRU) in the United Kingdom.


Kuhmonen Tuomas

Ph.D. (econ.), M.Sc. (agr. & for.), Adjunct Professor, Research Director, Doctoral Candidate (futures studies)
Tel. +358 50 591 1959​, web page


Kurki Sofi

MA, Project Manager, Doctoral Candidate
Leave of absence until 17.8.2018eave of absence until 17.8.2018 

Lahr Markus

M.Sc., Doctoral Candidate


Mehr Mohammad

MA, Doctoral Candidate


Minkkinen Matti

MA, Project Researcher, Doctoral Candidate
Tel. +358 50 320 1149, web page
Matti Minkkinen valmistelee väitöskirjaa yksityisyyden suojan tulevaisuuksista Euroopassa. Yksityisyys on merkittävä tulevaisuuden haaste, koska globaalit henkilötietovirrat lisääntyvät voimakkaasti. Väitöskirjassa tutkitaan, miten toimijat muuttavat yksityisyyssääntöjä tulevaisuussuuntautuneella tavalla sekä hahmotetaan polkuja tulevaan yksityisyyteen datatulvan jälkeen. Euroopan unionin yleisen tietosuoja-asetuksen konsultaatioprosessia käsitellään tapaustutkimuksena yksityisyyden suojan muuttumisesta. Matti tutkii myös kokonaisturvallisuuteen liittyviä suomalaisia ennakointiprosesseja Strategisen tutkimuksen neuvoston rahoittamassa ”From Failand to Winland”-hankkeessa.

Matti valmistui ensimmäisenä nykyisestä tulevaisuudentutkimuksen kansainvälisestä maisteriohjelmasta. Hänen tutkimusintressejään ovat laadulliset tulevaisuudentutkimuksen menetelmät, tulevaisuustietoisuuden käsite sekä yksityisyyden ja turvallisuuden tulevaisuudet digitaalisessa murroksessa. Matti opettaa maisteriohjelman kursseilla, jotka käsittelevät tulevaisuudentutkimuksen etiikkaa ja tulevaisuudentutkimuksen menetelmien soveltamista käytäntöön, ja lisäksi hän on luennoinut skenaariomenetelmistä ja causal layered analysis -menetelmästä.



Mäkelä Marileena

M.Sc. (eng.), (econ.), Doctoral Candidate, Project Researcher, web page

Marileena Mäkelä is finalizing her doctoral thesis with the topic of environmental reporting in the Finnish forest industry. In her research, Marileena has looked into the past reporting practices of the industry and also conducted a Delphi focusing on the future aspects of the reporting. 

Marileena’s background is in Engineering (Tampere University of Technology 2002) and in Economics (University of Jyväskylä, 2009). She has focused in her studies especially in the sustainability reporting. Besides reporting, her research interests include also employees and sustainability. 


Nygrén Nina

M.Sc., Doctoral Candidate


Parkkinen Marjukka

MA, Project Researcher, Doctoral Candidate
Tel. +358 50 505 7249, web page

Marjukka Parkkinen is preparing a PhD on discursive production and rhetoric in political futures narratives. She is interested the questions of power and legitimacy related to the representations of futures. In her work Marjukka examines the process, contents and temporal aspects in the foresight work of the Finnish Parliament's Committee for the Future.

Marjukka’s background is media studies & futures studies. She is a project researcher at the Finland Futures Research Centre, where she has been working since 2015. She is working in Turku and Helsinki.


Pohjolainen Pasi

M.Sc., Doctoral Candidate, Project Researcher
Tel. +358 9 698 0056, +358 40 759 6733, pasi.j.pohjolainen(a), web page


Qi Yuan

MA, Doctoral Candidate


juho-ruotsalainen.jpgRuotsalainen Juho

M.Sc., Doctoral Candidate
Tel. +358 9 698 0056, web page

Juho Ruotsalainen has an almost eight year experience as a project researcher at the Finland Futures Research Centre. A sociologist by background Ruotsalainen always tries to keep his interests wide and adopt a society-at-large perspective whether the question is about a new technology, new political currents, or new kinds of companies.

As a futurist Ruotsalainen specialises in the futures of journalism and the news media. His doctoral thesis explores entrepreneurial journalists and new media “startups” – their conceptions of journalism and its futures, and the reporting styles they develop and adopt. By studying such forerunners Ruotsalainen seeks to reveal emerging trends of the futures of journalism in general.


Tapiola Titta

MA, MBA, Doctoral Candidate