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Final Countdown 2015

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Part I - 7 December 2015 (Osmo Järvi - auditorium / Medisiina) 

chair Antti Saraste

  • 14:45 Coffee / tea
  • 15:15 Adjunct professor Eriika Savontaus: When is it ready?  
  • 15:45  Adjunct professor Eriika Savontaus: Have I copied from somebody else? No panic; Turnitin helps
  • 16:00 Chief Academic Officer Outi Irjala: Bureaucracy begins: accepting the theoretical studies in the faculty
  • 16:30 break
  • 16:45 Chief Academic Officer Outi Irjala: In the process - Preliminary review and the permission to defend the doctoral dissertation

Part II - 10 December 2015 (Pha 1 -auditorium / PharmaCity)

chair Pirjo Nuutila

  • 14:45 Coffee / tea
  • 15:15 Mikko Pennanen, UTU Library: Printing permission granted - what´s next? Publishing and printing the dissertation
  • 15:45 Taru Suhonen, UTU Communications: How to handle the media? Announcement of the public defence and the press release
  • 16:15 break
  • 16:30 Professor Pirjo Nuutila, Director of UTUGS: The Big Day - Practical arrangements and the Short Survival Guide for the defence

Part III: Participation in a public defence and a report 

Participate in a public defence of a thesis and write a report about it - Link to the report

In the report, please answer the following questions:

  • Briefly describe:
    • opponent
    • custodian (kustos)
    • lectio precursoria
    • karonkka
    • karonkka after-party
    • additional opponent
    • ceremonial conferment of doctoral degree
  • What was the defence you participated in? (name of the defendant, title of the thesis, name of the opponent, subject, language)
  • How does the defence proceed; which parts it includes?
  • How would  you rate the lectio precursoria? Was it informative, too simple or too difficult for general public, entertaining, something else? 
  • How was the opponent? Kind and easy, very strict, not well prepared, etc?
  • How would you rate the academic discussion?
  • Was it possible to follow if you did not know much about the topic?
  • No-one usually asks questions after the defence, but what would you have asked?
  • What you would have done differently if it had been your defence?