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Sanna Salanterä
TtT, kliinisen hoitotieteen professori, laitoksen varajohtaja ja sivutoiminen ylihoitaja, Varsinais-Suomen sairaanhoitopiiri​ / PhD, RN, Professor of Clinical Nursing Science, Vice Head of the Department of Nursing Science and Nurse Director at Turku University Hospital
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Clinical Nursing Science, Nursing and patient Decision-making, Smart technology in nursing, Pain nursing, Health Service Research, Children's Nursing, Empowering Patient Education


I am registered nurse and public health nurse from my basic education. I received my PhD in Health Sciences (nursing) in 1999 and became a Docent 2002. I got a position of full time Professor in Clinical Nursing Science in 2007 at the University of Turku and at the same time a subsidiary position of Nurse Director at the Turku University Hospital. My current work is at the Department of Nursing Science and my main tasks consist of leading a research group of about 10 full time and 15 part time researchers, teaching in master and doctoral programs and managerial duties due to the appointment of vice head of the department.

I lead a research program called "Clinical Decision-Making research program". It concentrates on clinical patient care, its management and documentation with the support of smart technology. The two research and development projects that I lead are "Health producing basic care with smart technology" and "Health producing health promotion with smart technology". Both projects consist of several sub projects.


a) Health producing basic care with smart technology

b) Health producing health promotion with smart technology


Master level teaching: Research Methodology, Clinical Nursing Science, and smart technology in Nursing

Doctoral level teaching: Academic Writing, Transferable skills, Research Methodology, Clinical Nursing Science, smart technology in Nursing


Valikoituja julkaisuja / Selected publications

  1. Adler K, Salanterä S, Leino-Kilpi H, Grädel B. 2015. An integrated literature review of the knowledge needs of parents with children with special health care needs of instrument to assess these needs. Infants and Young Children 28(1) 46-71.
  2. Rauti S, Parisod H, Aromaa M, Salanterä S, Smed J, Leppänen V, 2014. A Proxy-Like Obfuscator for Web Application Protection. Communications in Computer and Information Science 450 pp.168-176.
  3. Kontio E, Lundgren-Laine H, Kontio J, Korvenranta H, Salanterä S. 2014. Enterprise resource planning systems in healthcare: A qualitative review. International Journal of Information Systems in Service Sector. 51, 35-40.
  4. Murtola L-M, Lundgrén-Laine H, Salanterä S. 2014. Information management efforts in improving patient safety in critical care -  a review of the literature. Communications in computer and information science 450 pp. 131-143.
  5. Pudas-Tähkä SM, Axelin A, Aantaa R, Lund V, Salanterä S. 2014. Translation and cultural adaptation of an objective pain assessment tool for Finnish ICU patients. Scandinavian Journal of Caring Sciences. 28(4):885-894. doi: 10.111/scs.12103. Epub2013 Dec 4.