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Turku Clinical Sequencing Laboratory


General info

The Turku Clinical Sequencing Laboratory (TCSL) provides high-throughput next-generation sequencing (NGS) services using Illumina MiSeq personal Sequencer. TCSL provides easy access to deep sequencing to support innovation and research by academic groups, clinicians and other partners in the field of clinical genome analysis. TCSL has capabilities to meet all your clinical NGS project needs.

We will work with various partners to develop and undertake research projects to drive the clinical use of genome sequence in the prediction, stratification and diagnosis of diseases to build the foundation to establish the use of genomic information in clinical environment.



NGS Applications

Whole Genome Resequencing

  •  Viral Genome Resequencing
  •  Bacterial Genome Resequencing

 Targeted Resequencing

  •  Exome Sequencing
  •  Cancer Panels
  •  Custom Targeted Resequencing

 Gene Expression Analysis

  •  Small RNA & miRNA Sequencing


  •  16S Sequencing
  •  Whole genome sequencing

​For more information, visit  Illumina website